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Jul 29, 2010 02:06 PM

A vegetarian at Minetta Tavern?

Taking my husband to Minetta so he can enjoy some meat. I, however, am vegetarian. Honestly, I don't mind if all I can eat are the desserts, but please do share if anyone has had an experience with vegetarian options/modifications there. I was thinking the pasta za za sans pancetta and the asparagus or omelette appetizers, possibly, and some tasty potatoes (especially the Annas!) provided they aren't all made with duck fat.

Thanks so much!

Minetta Tavern
113 MacDougal St, New York, NY 10012

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  1. whatever you do, make sure to indulge in their Pots de Crème before you go.

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      Mmm - I DO love pots de creme! I may end up the first person to go there for the dessert instead of for the burger or steak!

    2. Get the souffle.. its great. Also if you enjoy mushrooms they have great sauteed mushrooms!

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        Steakrule - I read your Minetta review recently! Usually I am a chocolate souffle kind of person, but your review actually has me considering the switch to Grand Marnier! Really ALL of the desserts sound good to me.

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          I am a chocolate lover but tried the grand marnier and loved it. The table next to me got the chocolate and it smelled so awesome. Getting it next!

      2. Watch out for potatoes with Duck Fat. I'm a veggie who lives two blocks away and was well treated opening week, but frankly it's just not a great place for a vegetarian. I usually do have the Zaza without the meat. The souffles are good, as are some of the side veggies.

        1. I went to Minetta last week and thought it was AMAZING. I'm a meat eater but my mom is a vegetarian and ordered the za za without pancetta. The waiter was more than accommodating and offered to have the chef prepare a vegetarian dish not on the menu for her which I thought was really nice. The cote de boeuf is a must-order and the bone marrow is one of the more interesting things I've ever tried. We had the oxtail and foie gras appetizer and I thought it was ok. I wish there had been more foie and less oxtail. Definitely one of my favorite meals in the city in the past few months!

          1. The potatoes aligot are fantastic.