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Jul 29, 2010 01:50 PM

Breakfast Sunday Morning in Orlando

We’re headed up to Orlando for a quick weekend visit and thanks to your postings we’ve got some good choices for Saturday night dinner (Nile, Lac Viet, or Cedars). But now we need to find someplace for breakfast Sunday morning between Lake Buena Vista and Universal.

We plan to hit the park early so someplace that opens at 7 or 8am would be best. I saw recommendations for Delish and First Watch (not my favorite). Am I missing anything else?


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  1. People love the banana-stuffed French toast at Kona Cafe in Disney's Polynesian. Maybe Press 101 is open for breakfast? TooJays? You won't be thrilled. Ditto Einsteins. Delish isn't bad, but it's bagels and a couple of tables, not much more. Surely Restaurant Row has something I'm not thinking of. Folks, chime in!

    Press 101
    7600 Dr Phillips Blvd Ste 22, Orlando, FL 32819

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      This one is a streach but I have heard Whole foods market on Idrive has THE BEST breakfeast buffet in the area. My overly picky sister that insists on staying on disney property will ma a special drive to this place.
      The most interesting breakfeast on property in at the Mya Grill at the coronato spring resort.

    2. Delish is great= for bagels and such, I don't know what brunch items they have.

      Also you may want to check out Keke's on Conroy

      My friend loves this place/