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Health Food Stores

Hi Hounds,
Aside from the stores at the JT Market, can you recommend any decent health food stores?


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  1. Are you looking for something in particular?

    In NDG, if I need something from a health food store, I head for Fleur Sauvage (on Monkland) or Teva on the Descarie northboound service road a bit north Queen Mary).

    I sometimes go to the Plateau to visit Bio Terre... but then again, I go to these stores mainly to pick up Q Tonic or some organic spices.

    Fleur Sauvage: http://maps.google.ca/maps/place?hl=e...

    Teva: http://maps.google.ca/places/ca/montr...

    Bio Terre: http://maps.google.ca/maps/place?gl=c...

    1. 2 other suggestions : Thuy (sp?) on Bernard St. near the 5 saisons and "Rachelle Bery" (St-Laurent corner villeneuve).

      1. My favorite has to be Tau on St. Denis, Mont Royal station.

            1. There are so many good ones!

              What area do you live in?

              1. There's a rather large store on the corner of Parc and Sherbrooke that has fresh fruits and vegetables, a bulk section and all the other usuals, but I cannot remember it's name.

                Also, some would argue that Eden could be considered a health food store: they sell lots of organic fruit, vegetables, noodles, rice, etc. There are numerous locations, including one downtown on Parc not too far from Sherbrooke in the mall.

                1. There is a very good one on Sherbrooke west of Claremont - it's downstairs and looks tiny from the outside but they carry a good selection of foods and are very helpful. Also if you don't find what you are looking for, you can always mention it to an employee and they will try and get it for you.

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                    Yes, that's A Votre Santé - I agree, it's a good one. It's at the corner of Vendome, kitty-corner to the Bureau en gros.

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                      There is also another small health food store on Victoria and Somerville, L'Autre Choix Mini Marche they concentrate on seasonal, local, organic food. They don't seem to sell any supplements or vitamins.