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Jul 29, 2010 12:28 PM

Looking for fresh pasta in Honolulu

Where do HNL CHers purchase fresh pasta? Is there a vendor at KCC Farmers Market? I'm looking for spaghetti/linguine and trofie.


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  1. you will find a couple of noodle places, but they make asian style noodles (mostly good ones), off the top of my head, I don't know anyplace to buy fresh italian style pasta.

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      K-Man - remember C&C Pasta Co. on Waialae? They used to sell fresh pasta at the farmer's markets. Too bad they closed.

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        I didn't know that. maybe some of the other italian restaurants would sell, but I don't know which ones use fresh pasta. I know for sure some of them don't. Safeway sold "fresh" pasa for a while, but I haven't seen it in a while.

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          I remember C&C, bought it a few times to serve with homemade sauce. It was really good pasta, although not cheap. I was sad to see them close, haven't found anything to match. I think Whole Foods had some for a while, haven't seen it lately.

        2. re: KaimukiMan

          I also remember this place. Their inhouse cooking was delicious too. I was deeply saddened when they closed. Still nothing on the island quite like it.

        3. Thanks for the help folks. I'm now on Kauai and did find some pre-packaged fresh pasta at Safeway in Kapa'a. It'll have to do.

          1. Maybe too late to help the OP, but here are some possibilities. Don't know of any place to buy fresh, locally made, Italian-style pasta since C+C closed, but there is a brand of packaged, refrigerated noodles and filled pastas we like occasionally. I believe the brand is something with the name "Antica" in it, but don't remember exactly...I've tried several types from this brand (plain noodles, mixed spinach and regular, and maybe once filled pasta shapes) and all were good. They carried it at Star Market before Star closed, and I have seen it once or twice at Tamura's in Kaimuki. Was our choice as the best of the commercially packaged ones, although tended to run a bit more expensive than the more common supermarket brands, but superior in taste and texture.

            Someone recently gave us a gift card to Whole Foods, so we used it to splurge on the refrigerated, packaged pasta they had at Kahala and the filled ravioli we tried was excellent. Again, don't recall the brand name, and they carry more than one brand. We tried the brand they had the largest selection of, one with ricotta/spinach filling and one with porcini mushrooms...both were delicious. These were not strictly vegan, or anything particularly exotic...but very good....and certainly not cheap...probably $8-9 per package. We wouldn't normally have spent that much, but as I say, we had a gift card....

            1. You could try asking local restaurants if they'll sell fresh pasta directly to you. The best pasta fresca IN THE STATE comes from TOWN Restaurant on Waialae (and really one of the only restaurants in Honolulu that even attempts to make their own pasta). I've had great fat pappardelle to tiny tagliolini there at very affordable prices. Also stuffed ravioli and agnolotti too. And while we're at it, they make the best gnocchi in the state too. Light and pillowy, not the dense nuggets you get at most other Honolulu restaurants. Call up a few restaurants and ask politely. I've personally never tried this, but it's worth a shot.

              If you're really serious about learning fresh pasta (which isn't necessarily better or worse than dried pasta; just different), then try to make it at home. Just flour and egg. Some recipes might add in a little water, salt and/or EVOO. You don't even need "special" semolina flour for fresh pastas. If you have a stand mixer, great. If not, the dough kneading is fun to do by hand. Wrap dough and rest in fridge.

              If you really want long noodle-type pasta, you can find a cheap, very decent pasta machine (hand crank type) at Ross for $15-19. Or you can learn to use a rolling pin Italian grandma/nonna style, but that's pretty tricky to do well.

              OR you can try making the non-noodle pastas. Garganelli (using a clean Sharpie marker), pici, strozzapretti, orecchiette, etc etc. Just like working with Play Dough, but tastier.

              3435 Waialae Avenue #103, Honolulu, HI 96813

              1. if anyone's occasionally searching for a quality fresh pasta (and often an opportunity for a wonderful meal) seek out Onda Pasta. You'll often find them at the Hale'iwa (Weimea Vly) & Ala Moana Farmers Markets.


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                  I've tried the Onda Pasta from their booth at the Ala Moana market on Sat am. Very good, quite pricey.