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Jul 29, 2010 10:18 AM

Examples of foods you would never buy again once you learned to make them yourself

I was interested in hearing about foods that you may have once bought at the store already prepared but once you learne how to make at home, you never bought again. For me, the first that came to mind was marinara sauce. Most recently, ravioli ( it took me time to get it right but I would never go back to store bought). What did you initially buy at the store that you will never do again once you learned to make at home?

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  1. Pizza.including the dough. Our favorite spot went under about 2years ago. We tried some other places, but nothing came close. Decided since I enjoy cooking and baking to give it a shot - Dough made 3 days ahead and allowed to rise in the fridge (flour half King Arthur Bread and half KA Sir lancelot). After the first time my wife declared we will NEVER buy pizza again...and now the toppings are exactly as we want them and it's piping hot from the oven!

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      Seconding the pizza just irks me to spend money on pizza when I make better at home. I tend to avoid eating at pizzerias because of this. Just made it tonight actually - a whole wheat dough with mozzerella, spicy marinara and turkey pepperoni.

    2. Pita/flat bread. I found a recipe for wholewheat pita cooked on the stove top in a pan w/ lid, will never buy pita again.

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          I totally agree on the pita bread. It's really not difficult at all, and tastes so much better homemade. In fact. I'm making some today!

          Also, chicken stock, marinara sauce, pesto, roasted red peppers, and pierogi. Although I try to stay away from saying "never" if I can help it!

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            would you mind sharing your pita bread recipe

        2. Lemon curd. Mac n cheese. Pancake mix. I'm sure there are others ...

          1. Naan. The spousal unit like mine far better than what you can get at the store, so I end up making it a couple times a month.

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            1. Tomato sauce, marinara sauce, ravioli, lasagne noodles, ground beef, bulk sausage (haven't gotten around to casings yet), chicken stock.