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Jul 29, 2010 09:58 AM


I tried Whaddapita in Portland. I won’t go back. The first thing that struck me as I perused the menu was NO LAMB! I asked the girl at the register and got a non-answer. I figured since I was there I’d try a souvlaki pita made with pork. It might have been OK, but they stuffed the pita with French fries to fill it out. The dominant taste was fried potatoe. It set me back $4.00 and change (reasonable, though small portion), and it was quick, clean, and well illuminated. I’d rather have a hot dog from a street vendor. Their version of a Greek salad is the usual American cookie-cutter bowl of lettuce that they garnish with some feta and calamata olives. They don’t even have oil & lemon. They use vinaigrette for a dressing.

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  1. Can you tell us where this place is?

    1. Oh forgot to ask: the sandwhich was " quick, clean and well illuminated"?

      1. In Greece, we found the additional of french fries in pita sandwiches to be quite common as was pork. Quite tasty actually. (Silly's also adds fries to their souvlaki, btw.) However, if the flavor is over-powering that is certainly not good. Sounds like you can't comment on the pork's seasoning as a result. Typical Greek salads I've had have always been really simple - something like iceberg, tomatoes, cucumbers, feta and olives. Don't know if that's like usual American bowl of lettuce.

        Is this a Greek pita place or are there just these two Greek items. I'm so curious now!

        Sopo- This place is in the old Chef Et Al location, I believe.

        1. When I was travelling in Greece, gyros were always made with pork and had french fries stuffed in them. I thought they were great that way! Perhaps it was a regional style, but they were served that way in at least 3 different parts of Greece.

          1. The original comment has been removed