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Jul 29, 2010 09:04 AM

Driving from La Crosse WI to Milwaukee WI, lunch along the way?

We'll be driving from La Crosse to Milwaukee WI - anything worthwhile to stop by for lunch along the way?

We're hoping it won't be too far off the highway as we need to make the trip in good time - we stopped by in Madison (Marigold) last time we did the trip, and it was a bit away off the highway and added on to travel time. We could always stop by at one of the fast food stops... but thought I'd ask if there is somewhere better than fast food. We aren't picky about what type of food.


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  1. This is fast food in a manner of speaking, but when we're on I-94 on the way to Milwaukee we always enjoy a stop at Kopp's in Brookfield for burgers and custard. Of course, this is almost at the end of your trip!