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Jul 29, 2010 07:22 AM

Pizzeria Tivoli in South St. Louis

I've been watching the progress of Pizzeria Tivoli at Holly Hills and Kingshighway, and they finally opened this past weekend. We went, and the review is mostly good. They have a brick and mortar wood-fired oven that looks beautiful and turns out a lovely, crispy thin crust and there are a lot of great pizza options, including a shrimp pesto and a Mediterranean. Lots of veggie-friendly options, which makes me happy. I was disappointed in their salads -- the Caesar has a dressing that tastes like it came out of a bottle, and the caprese relied on the tasteless sort of tomato that you'd get in winter from Shop N Save (and there are ripe tomatoes being left by the boxful on porches right now -- no reason for a cardboard tomato). I do hope they begin looking to local sources soon for their ingredients, or if not local, then at least better. We also had the anchovy and caper pizza -- we should have known that those two ingredients would make for an intensely salty pizza. The anchovies were fishy and briny and not very good. But their mozzarella is nice, and the people who run the place are all so friendly and attentive and the experience of dining there was really pleasant. Wine list is incredibly limited, but not terrible. But one other pet peeve of mine: two big TVs. The sound is muted but the TVs seem always on (we've walked past the place several times this week) and it's just not that sort of place, so I don't know why they have them. All in all though, a really nice addition to the neighborhood, with great people, great pizza options, great crust, and a nice ambiance. I have high hopes and can't wait to see how they evolve.

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    2009 editorial choice.
    The piza should present the following characteristics: soft, well-cooked, fragrant. It should be enclosed in a high, soft edge of crust, with a micro-thin patina of crunch. It is not uncommon to find at least one flame-blackened blister on the "cornizione" (the rim).
    Originaly Neapolitans eat their pizza "a libretto" meaning folded like a book, or with a knife and fork.
    Either way, you are sure to enjoy the delicious flavors of Laganini Pizza.

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      cut and paste does not a recommendation make. sorry. I'm sure they're good, but your message would bear more weight if not identical to 3 others I've seen posted.

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        Thank You hill food, you are right but they still have the best pizza and this post is about BEST PIZZA.

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          I thought it was about Tivoli, but I will check out your suggestion one of these days, I've been living in a pizza desert for so long (well the kinds I like anyway are STL and NYC - just can't find those done right) and now feel like a kid in a candy shop, sooooo many options I feel guilty even thinking about Imo's.