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Jul 29, 2010 06:49 AM

Best deals for retail oysters

I have a friend who is learning to shuck oysters in preparation for a party and wants a large number of oysters to practice on. Any ideas of where to get them or suggestions of places that have deals if you are buying several dozen?

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  1. I have been buying 1-2 dozen at a time at Whole Foods in Bedford, for 99 cents each. I believe all the Whole Foods have the same price but I know that there is pretty good turn-over at Bedford. I did get one batch, of Wellfleets I believe, that were not fresh, but all the others were very fresh and sweet.

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    1. re: powerfulpierre

      $0.99 per oyster is no bargain, unshucked, at retail.

      1. re: StriperGuy

        Granted Whole Foods is not cheap. So, back to cassoulady's question, where would you go for a couple of dozen or more?

        1. re: powerfulpierre

          Gosh, this came up at some point and someone on chowhound mentioned a place to buy them wholesale. I just searched and can't find it....

          1. re: StriperGuy

            I know from Island Creek you can get 100 oysters for $100. I thinik for this purpose, cheaper would be best since this is really to practice shucking ( or course we will be eating them too).

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              Cape Cod Shellfish on Fish Pier, but I don't believe they will sell a couple dozen. Has anyone sighted the Wellfleet oyster man at the Davis Farmer's Market? His uglies would be the ticket that cassoulady is looking for and usually shows up in the August timeframe. Since the desire is to practice, you might do slightly better somewhere which sells them by weight and asking to pick out the smallest. Not certain, though, that its going to be worth the extra gas driving around because you aren't going to find oysters for $.25 each. BTW restaurants which offer them for $1/pc are offering them as a loss-leader.

              1. re: itaunas

                Cape Cod Shellfish won't sell a few dozen. Minimum of 100.

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                    now we're talking! we might need some help. bring some bubbly!

                    the knife was just purchased so this will be done soon!

                    1. re: cassoulady

                      Hmmmm, think I did have some Cliquot in the fridge...

      2. I'm not positive but Pangea may be able to help you.

        1. On this point, if you're looking for variety (to practice with), the Medford Whole Foods is the best! They usually have about 10 different kinds from New England. Maybe shapes and sizes to practice with!

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          1. re: cookg

            When you say 10 kinds, are the all the basic eastern oysters just from different localities? Do they by any chance have Belons (flats) or other oyster varieties?

          2. here is the list of oyster farmers- maybe you can negotiate a deal and they will sell you a whole bunch cheap??

            1. Market Basket Chelsea has them for $4.99 a pound

              I got 26 for $10

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                1. re: ac106

                  But - do they know how to select them? Tapping them together, etc, making sure they sound solid?

                  Nothing worse than opening dry oysters....

                  1. re: okra

                    Hey at 26 for $10 a few dry ones is a small price to pay.

                    1. re: StriperGuy

                      Plus the Tobin toll :) Didja go to Katz while you were there?