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Jul 29, 2010 06:41 AM

Gauthier Soho [London]

Has anyone been recently? How is it? I saw that Toptable has 2 for 1 on the tasting menu and am tempted...but not if it's not good ;-)

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  1. I went on Friday. Exceptional food, good service, good wine, nice room seems a fair summary.

    We had the lunch deal - including 1/2 bottle of wine each and coffee and service we paid £40/head for the full works, other than getting a wider choice of dishes: inventive canapes and amuses bouches (squid with tapenade and crustacean sauce), several kinds of excellent bread, 3 courses, pre-dessert, petits fours.

    I chose liver with pancetta and cheesey gnocchi for starter. Everything was cooked perfectly: the liver was soft, the bacon crisped and the gnocchi were tasty enough to remind me of Heinz Beck's signature carbonara ravioli.

    My main was lamb with salsify and carrots. Again, the lamb was cooked perfectly (might have been a bit pink for some) but the course was less of a stand-out than the first.

    Finally, I had the selection of cheeses. My friend adored his sweet pudding too.

    Highly recommended!