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Jul 29, 2010 06:37 AM

Is it possible? A $70 per head restaurant/caterer for a wedding?

Help! We are looking for a venue (preferably with a view/garden) for only 1-3k for a wedding party of less than 100.

...or...any recommendations for caterers that would be about $70 per head?

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  1. try the Bird and Bottle Inn in Garrison, NY. Its been 10 years since I called them but I remember their prices were low, they had a garden and a quaint inn. Garrison is a stop on the metro north train.

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      We had booked the Bird & Bottle for our wedding 6 years ago, and, after confirming and taking our money, they closed. I know they are under new management now, but even 7ish years ago, they were more than $70/head. It is a great spot, though.

    2. go ethnic and go buffet. Your cost will be around $50 per head. Indian will give you tons of options, but I am sure that Mediterranean (think of all the mezze) would also work.

      1. Think brunch. Or lunch. That will bring down your costs. Look for a place that doesn't normally do a big lunch or brunch business, so they'll be willing to negotiate.

        Congratulations, and good luck!

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          Queens County Farm in Floral Park/Little Neck has venues for rent. $500 - $4000 for open air to indoor venue . They use an outside caterer or you can use your own. Durso's in Flushing caters and the price is pretty reasonable. Durso's can provide wait staff if you need.
          Another option is Douglaston Manor on a weekday. $60 pp. Both place have garden views.

          18901 Crocheron Ave, Queens, NY 11358

          Douglaston Manor
          63-20 Marathon Pkwy, Queens, NY 11362

        2. Try Meson Iberia Restaurant in Island Park (south shore Nassau County). They're Zagat rated and serve wonderful family-style appetizers for their parties, and offer seafood choices for main courses. You might have to get your own decorations, band, and wedding cake though.
          Just tell them you're looking to spend $70 per head. Sounds reasonable...

          1. No idea about a venue. Maybe look into city parks and other public spaces that you can sign up to rent.

            As for food, I think Ravi Queens has the right idea: Pick an affordable restaurant you both really like, ideally one you go to regularly. Call, or even better stop by, and see what they are willing to do. I know a few friends (in other cities) who have gone this route, and ended up spending well less than $70 per head including servers/cleaning crew, and had excellent food and plenty of it. This is definitely the way to go if your guests are not pricey folks who will expect steak dinners (though I am sure if you hit up El Chivito d'Oro in Queens or some place like this you could even get that on your budget).

            El Chivito D'Oro
            84-02 37th Ave, Queens, NY 11372