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Jul 29, 2010 05:03 AM

Public - new on College St.

I haven't been able to find any reviews or comments about Public, a new restaurant at the corner of College & Clinton in the space where Tempo used to be. Has anyone been?

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  1. I guess it is not a very note worthy restaurant? It is featured on Fabfind today, just in case anyone is interested in trying it. Actually it was featured on Monday too so maybe a 2 day listing.

    If anyone has been please post your comments here

      1. re: Bobby Wham

        I sent this info by e-mail to the restaurant on June 23 2011, did not receive even an acknowledgment:

        I am just wondering if the kitchen had on off night yesterday.
        My husband and I had dinner on the patio in the evening, and here are my comments:

        -Bread was brought to the table, but there was no butter, or oil and vinegar

        -The Caesar salad had too much dressing, and there were big clumps of it not mixed through. We asked for another with less dressing and a new salad was brought back with dressing on the side. It is hard to dress a Caesar salad in a shallow bowl.

        -The sauce for spaghetti carbonara was soupy, too liquid. For a second, my husband thought maybe Alfredo was served to him by mistake.

        -My husband tasted something crunchy in the carbonara, and he is now wondering if it was an eggshell.

        -My mushroom crostini were not good. Crostini are thin, firm, grilled slices of bread. The bread was like a thick baguette that was cut in half lengthwise, was thick and fluffly, and did not appear to be grilled at all. The sauce was more like a gravy.

        On the positive side, the service was fine and the white wine spritzer was very nice, a fruity wine.

        1. re: lylaa

          Call them. If their email is run by menupalace there is a good possibility they didn't get it.

          1. re: ingloriouseater

            Any other positive or negative experiences of this place by CHers? It is featured on Fabfind today