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Jul 29, 2010 01:05 AM

Bistro Paul Bert -- two visits

Went there back in March and loved it: had the eggs w/ morrels entree and the cote de cochon (giant ham steak) w/ jerusalem artichokes and garlic, and a bottle of Bandol...went as a walk-in...was extremely happy with the meal, start to finish...

Then went again solo last night, w/ a 10pm reservation...a dreadful freezing-cold espadon ceviche that tasted like it'd been scooped out of an industrial size container: flavorless except for some bitter bits of peppers, this was airline-food quality ceviche...but the filet d'agneau was delicious: maybe the best red meat i've eaten in a year, but a somewhat small portion...the frites were mediocre...i had three wines by the glass: a C de Provence blanc was medicinal, the Bordeaux was decent, the Cotes de Rhone tasted like it'd been stored somewhere too hot and was undrinkable...i left vaguely annoyed and most surprisingly: hungry!...i actually stopped at a tratteur asiatique on the way home and had some nems de porc and a glass of vin blanc...


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  1. Many people whom l respect on this board do like the place a lot. It is about 2 blocks from my apartment. l tried it twice , most recently about two years ago. Bustling and fun, but bustle was almost harried and found food non distinguished. No more returns for me. Try the Argentinian beef place across the street