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Jul 29, 2010 12:44 AM

Dish rack

I'm looking for any recommendations for a new dish rack because with my current, wooden X-shaped dish rack, the nails or staples are coming loose where it looks like the dish rack will come apart any day and with it, all my dishes crashing down.

I don't really use a dish washer, so I'm more dependent than most on a dish rack and I can splurge more on a dish rack from all the money I've saved by not buying a dish washer. That is, assuming that it makes sense to pay more for a dish rack. I'm still shaking my head my head at the prices of today's dish racks, but if that's what it costs...

I'm looking for something sturdy, large enough to dry and store a fair amount of dishes, and deep enough for bowls and other such chinaware. Any other features I should look for?' I've seen stainless dish racks, but are there any advantages to that- will they be stronger than non-stainless? And, don't you have to worry about rust with those models?

It seems like the better dish racks on the market today have moved away from that X shaped model. But, these models like simplehuman's dish rack seems like they'd be great for plates and not so much for bowls. And, the X shaped dish racks are fine for bowls but don't seem sturdy. Are there any dish racks out there that give me the best of both worlds?

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  1. Well, hobbess, I don't use a dishwasher either and have a stainless metal X-shaped rack I bought years ago. So when I looked today at dish racks after I read your post I too was amazed at the crazy prices which you said made you shake your head! If I had to buy one today and couldn't find something ABSOlutley SUPERior, heck I'd just buy this $11.00 Rubbermaid model:
    Even if you had to replace it several years from now it would certainly not be a bad choice..

    1. I just got my daughter the Progressive collapsible drainer at Costco. They make 2 models, a smaller one that hangs in a sink and the full size one that sits on a counter. The full sized one was $15 which is HALF the Walmart price.

      Personally, I use a small narrow one that hangs in my prep sink. It's amazing how much stuff of various sizes I can get in there. And being low, I can safely pile up to the counter level with abandon. But I have a dishwasher. I still hand wash things all day, every day. Primarily, big things, sharp things and things that need special handling like things with wooden handles. But they don't have to compete with dishes for space in the rack.

      1. I have installed a rack above my kitchen sink - one of the best things I ever did.

        But back to your question. The best dish rack I ever had was the bottom rack from a dishwasher. Large, sturdy, basically free, had a cutlery compartment and would stretch across the sink if I wanted. And they are strong. You can also cut off a few of the upright prongs to customise it. (A dab of silicon on the cut end worked for 4 years. ) Threw it out with the remodel. You may be able to pick one up from your local recycling report.

        (TIC) You can buy a new one for $100....

        1. I have this Rubbermaid evolution and I think it is good. It is not perfect, but I think it works really well for $16 and holds quite a bit of dishes. Once you learn how your dishes fit in it, it is fine and very efficient...but no dish rack will be perfect and depending upon your dish types, others may be better.

          It always seems to me that people (like me) who hand wash are more picky. I have both a dishwasher and regular drying rack. I have used the dishwasher 4 times in 1.5 years, but the racks in dishwashers are horrible IMO. Whenever I use my dishwasher, I realize how good drying racks are and the critiques on Amazon seem less important (too harsh).