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Jul 28, 2010 11:39 PM

Dual voltage espresso/coffee maker

I just moved to Germany for the next couple of years and wanted to get a dual voltage automatic espresso/coffee maker so that it can be used in the US when we head back. However, I am finding it is quite diffcult to locate one. Does anybody know of a company (ideally the model) that will do this?

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  1. Best bet is to avoid voltage issue altogether, and use a Melitta or Chemex for regular coffee and a moka pot or press for espresso. These items are fairly inexpensive, and turn out decent coffee/espresso.

    See it's not just the voltage, it's the plugs. Sure there are adapters, but what a pain. Forget to set the voltage back, and you can wreck the appliance. Besides, appliances generally are designed to operate at a specific voltage -- the performance is usually mediocre when it is operated at other voltages.

    (The appliance in "home" mode is usually running straight off wall current; on "away" setting, the wall current goes through a transformer or some modulator that corrects the voltage. Generally, not much can be done to match up the frequency.)

    Besides, my guess is that the cost to ship it back to the US will be more than the stuff is worth.

    Best wishes -.