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Jul 28, 2010 10:48 PM

DIY Fresh Water Trout Caviar

My SO likes to fish for trout (stream born) and this time of year they are full of roe. And I LOVE fish roe. All internet searches say to fry the suckers in butter and add salt (or soy sauce). Any way to serve like sushi bar salmon roe... or other fresh water fish roe advice. TIA

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  1. I wonder if roe from freshwater fish would be safe to eat...

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      I would like to know, also. My sister and I caught live trout from a stream here in Oak Glen, California, and we asked for the roe with sacs. We didn't know how to prepare them, and we'd like to. We tried to eat them as they were, but they came with a kind of "netting" around them. Anyone, please tell us how to prepare them to eat!

    2. Fresh water fish roe is indeed safe to eat and a quick search will bring up many companies purveying many kinds of caviar from different fresh water fish species.

      Here are links to two sites describing methods and recipes for making home made caviar:

      I have serious egg envy going on here...

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        Great links! Thank you. He headed out this morning so hopefully in a couple of days I'll be up to my eyeballs in fish eggs.

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          Just to update - no female trout to bring home this time. He did bring back 3 roeless trouts and I smoked 2 of them. That turned out rather well and a nice change from pan fried or grilled fish.

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            Mmmmm.... smoked trout..... There's a trout farm not too far away from here and their smoked trout is a regular offering at our farmers market. It's so good!. I like to make a spread out of it that's excellent on bagels and crusty toast but is even better stuffed into cherry tomatoes and peppadews.

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              It was good if I do say so myself - esp for my first time smoking (fish). I brined it and turned the little weber into a smoker. I kept them whole so they didn't dry out at all which was nice. B flaked it apart and we topped salads of greens, avocado and tomatoes with it and a honey lime vinaigrette. I really want to try a spread the next time - it will remind me of smoked herring and whitefish spreads growing up.