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Jul 28, 2010 10:26 PM

Calgary Food Festival..

I am looking forward to the festival and try and go every year. I am wondering about some of your favorites and do not bothers. I found a place two years ago that had an amazing samosa, just potato, peas, and maybe mint??. Did not get the name ,but tried three places that had samosas last year! Did not find it. Thanks!

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  1. What festival are you talking about?

        1. re: Harju

          We cannot know untll OP clarifies. I'd think s/he meant Taste of Cgy.

          1. re: John Manzo

            Oh! Sorry I meant the Taste of Calgary.

            1. re: beekeroc

              Thanks-high point for me least year was that Somali place on 17th SW- cannot recall the name but it was superb, in fact I think I used up most of my tickets there!

              1. re: John Manzo

                Thanks John. I will put the Somali place on my " places to try" list for the festival.

      1. FYI there's a Taste of Calgary flyer in today's Herald that's a little more user friendly than the website, setting out all the vendors with a few details about each.

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          Thanks Scary Bill. I didn't like the website either.

        2. Went to Taste for lunch- had a "japadog" from Shibuya (not bad rendition but still, it's a hot dog), green onion cake w/ "Hawaiian cole slaw" from theThyme whatsit selling them (superb- loved these at 2009 folk fest), and two samples from Singh and I- too small for 4 tickets but the "shanghai fish" was killer and killer spicy and makes me want to try their resto. The chicken they have is dry white meat, not really great but that fish is amazing. Also got a beer, a hefeweizen from a kelowna brewery,needed to be colder.

          1. I hit Taste today.

            Yay to Nubian Express for a delicious "African Chicken and Rice". Googling indicates that the chef is Nigerian, and is planning on opening a restaurant. The chicken was tender if a little overcooked, the rice was absolutely delicious, and they threw in a plantain slice, which was more banana-ey than I remember plantain, but was still a very nice accompaniment.

            Meh to Salsita Roja for the ceviche; the flavour was pretty good, but there was essentially no fish in it whatsoever; put the price up a couple of tickets if you need to. Still, I probably deserved it for getting Peruvian food from Salvadorans. (The pupusas looked good but tiny.) I'm just happy that there seems to exist a Salvadoran joint in town, even if it is waaay south.

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              Pupusa was great! But this isn't the only Salvadoran place, or at least the only pupusas- there are at least a couple more.

              I went again today and had something horrible: The gyozas from Shibuya. Pre-fried (as in deep fried) and then kept in one of those metal box things, like where sliced-up chicken for shawarma goes. HORRIBLE- they got all soft and mushy, disgusting.

              The sliders at White Spot were actually pretty good.

              1. re: John Manzo

                Trying to outsmart the rain (and aim for $2 Eau Claire parking), we went to Taste of Calgary yesterday before noon.

                Armed with a menu strewn with highlighter, we started with Tango Bistro's Pulled Pork Slider on Caroline Slaw. Pass. The bun was dry as was the pork; difficult to find the slaw.

                I was headed next for Nubian Express, I particularly wanted to try their rendition on Coconut Rice w/Plantain, but they had crossed out the 2-ticket sign with a pen to make it 4-tickets. $3 for rice? I don't think so, and their beef wasn't ready, so (sigh), we moved on to Baton Rouge for ribs. Entirely not bad. Hubby's opinion was that the ribs we had last weekend from Red Tree at Marda Gras were better as they had more zing, but these were pretty good. Next were the Prime Rib stuffed Yorkies from Halo. Very good, worth going back for seconds; ticket permitting.

                Alaturka caught us by surprise in that the table next to us was occupied by (despite appearances) someone with seemingly discriminating taste. He had just bought the gyozas from Shibuya and with a screwed up face, told his wife they were "different" and she needn't bother with them. He moved on to Alaturka's Donair and was going back for seconds happily describing their spiciness, etc., so we followed. Damn, they were good. We went back yet again.

                Thyme & Lime's Green Onion Cake w/Smoked Salmon was alright, the hot sauce jazzed up the situation, and the cake was surprisingly hot, but over all IMO, just ok.

                The White Spot offered solid offerings, two different sliders, rather similar, but better than I expected. Also tried their Rustic Veg Flatbread. Really, it's just ok pizza.

                We had six tickets left and the girl at Alaturka was particularly energetic about trying to get people to try the Borek, so hubby offered her six tickets for one Borek and one Baklava. She accepted the deal and even gave him the tailings from the Baklava pan (maybe she thought he was cute!). The Borek was filled with feta, mild tasting, and meh. Anyway, the Baklava was great and a perfect closer. Not super-honey-sweet, topped with pistachios, mmmmmm....

                Tango Bistro
                6920 MacLeod Trail S, Calgary, AB T2H 0L3, CA

                Red Tree
                2129 33 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 1Z7, CA

                Baton Rouge
                163 Quarry Park Blvd SE, Calgary, AB T2C 5E1, CA

                1. re: nutellaluvr

                  Beef burek at ataturka is the better choice IMHO- they're at crossroads.