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Jul 28, 2010 10:11 PM

Recommendations for Taiwan and Hong Kong

Hi all, it's my first time I hope you forgive any faux pas I commit in this post.

Having said that, damage control and all, I was looking to get some ideas for dining out in Hong Kong and Taiwan when I go there in late August. I am quite a frequent visitor of Hong Kong, so I am quite well versed in the general cuisine there, but it seems that I've been revolving around the same couple of restaurants and I'm really looking to try something new this time around. Taiwan, on the other hand, I have only been to once. So any recommendations there would be greatly appreciated. Hole-in-the-wall, non-English speaking establishments are fine as well, as I am fluent in both Cantonese and Mandarin.

There's a catch though, I will be traveling with family. And despite the fact that I am very open to try anything at least once, my parents would be your stereotypical Asians. They have very particular tastes; and wont try anything too 'out there' so to speak.

Money in general is no object, but it'd be nice to have a mix of expensive and cheap. Because cheap sometimes means delicious. We'll be staying in the Langham hotel so nearby establishments would be nice. But I'm pretty sure they wont mind traveling a bit if the food is worth it.

One thing in particular, does anyone know a place to get the Japanese "Kinki" fish? At a reasonable price, because once the bill went up to 3k+ pp and they're still hurting now.

Wow, sorry for the copious amounts of text, I may have rambled on a bit too much. Thanks in advance!

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  1. which Langham are you staying in? Tsim Sha Tsui or Mongkok? Both have reasonably good Cantonese restaurants though I don't think either deserve their 2-stars...

    Still do not have a good feeling of what you're looking for. perhaps you can search for specific dishes or just browse through past postings here.

    For kinki, I think a number of Japanese restaurants (high end like Nadaman or izakayas like Irori) would serve them.

    Where are you going in Taiwan? I presume Taipei since no specific city was mentioned. There have been a number of posts here on Taiwan so again, feel free to search the board.

    Finally, a little shamless self-promotion... you can always search my blog as I blog about eating in HK/Taipei

    1. I would recommend Shao Shao Ke in Taipei (勺勺客). It's north-eastern Chinese cuisine, and is delicious, and the graffiti covered restaurant is pretty funky too. I particularly recommend the pork rib (steamed and then deep fried), the sauteed potatoes with chili and vinegar, and the deep fried cheese (aka milk tofu) wonton dessert (the last has to be ordered in advance, but is worth it). Very reasonable price - 400 NT/person will feed you until you are stuffed including beer. For a simple meal, the Tainan pork noodle restaurant Tu hsiao yueh 度小月擔仔麵 in Yongkang street is nice - handmade noodles with a pork based topping, and an wide variety of side dishes to go with it. Their 龍鬚菜 salad (chaoyte squash leaves) is very nice.

      I would also strongly recommend a night market dinner - spring onion pancakes, oyster omlettes, fried chicken, grilled sausages, barbequed squid on a stick, stinky tofu, mmmm....

      1. We went to an Okinawan themed izakaya (居酒屋) in Taipei called 安里和辛 in the Zhongshan District, Lin Shin North. Road, Alley 119 #84. No kinki when I went, but it was quite an excellent meal and reservations highly recommended.

        Taipei has many night markets, but the one that has the most old style Taipei snacks is 寧夏夜市 - Ningxia Road Night Market and the least touristy. Oyster omlettes there are great, ditto for sesame oil chicken, the grilled cake with red bean inside, a cool deep fried snack of duck egg yolk + taro + pork floss (very famous there). The other night markets like Shida and Gonguan are good and localized but quite small in terms of variety.

        Other top sushi/Japanese places you may want to research for Taipei are:




        All places have carried seasonal items direct from Japan, e.g. Hokkaido salmon and even Hakagu (octagonal fish), based on some blog writeups.

        Bellavita in Taipei is the latest shopping (and dining) Euro-themed extravaganza. Perhaps worth a visit to check out the Salon and L'Atlier de Joel Robuchon.