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Which wineries are worth a visit in Prince Edward County?

Going to Prince Edward County for the weekend. There are so many wineries - how to choose? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. The one I wouldn't want to miss would be Closson Chase. Fabulous whites!

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      I like the ones in and around Wellington, Closson Chase, as was mentioned and for the price Sandbanks. Very independent minded and out of the way Long Dog is Chef Vegabond's favourite. Bring a picnic, pick up a bottle of gamay and enjoy the beach/bird sanctuary just south of the winery.

    2. Although not a winery, fifth town cheese is worth a visit. They have a tasting of their cheese with the wine from PEC.


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        What else is there to see there? My one complaint about Niagara is that it is almost all Wine. I heard good things about the breweries in PEC. Does anyone have any suggestions?

      2. I wouldn't miss Karlo on Danforth Rd. for the Malbec(!) and Merlot. Closson (corner Closson & Chase Rds.) for the Pinot and Chard (bring $ tho). Sandbanks on H33 for the Baco and Rose. Hinterland (on Closson Rd. i think) for excellent sparkling. Harwood on H33 for Pinot Gris, Gewurtz and St. Laurent. Rosehall on Greer Rd. for a half dozen great ones. And don't deprive yourself of East & main Bistro in Wellington. All that is in one area of the county. Around Hillier and Wellington. You can't do the whole thing in one trip.
        -- Dustin

        1. Norman Hardie. Stop in and grab some Waupoos cider whille you're in PEC, too.

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            +1 on these recommendations, also stop at Slickers in Bloomfield for their roasted marshmallow or apple pie ice creams. Chadsey's Cairns winery has good gewurtztraminer too.

          2. I would also recommend Huff Estates Winery with the adjoining Oeno Gallery. Beautiful modern art in a very contemporary building. They also have an Inn and cafe.


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              Norman Hardie.

              Rosehall Run (neighbours with Norm)

              Closson Chase

              Keint - He

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                Hey Non Doctor, which wine did you like from Rosehall Run? I was there about a month ago. I wasn't very impressedby anything but I thought the Chardonnay-musque was okay.

            2. Waupoos is great, so is The Grange and the Long Dog guys are super friendly - if you're into beer as well I love going to Barley Days Brewery, if only to get a bottle or two of the "Wind and Sail" ale.

              Waupoos: http://www.waupooswinery.com/
              Grange: http://grangeofprinceedward.com/
              Long Dog: http://www.longdog.ca/index.htm
              Barley Days: http://www.barleydaysbrewery.com/inde...

              Waupoos Estates Winery
              County Rd 8, Picton, ON K0K, CA

              1. Besides previously mentioned Waupoos, I also highly recommend Black Prince Winery. Great people, great wine.

                1. By Chadsey's Cairns just west of Wellington, before Sandbanks. One of the most beautiful wineries physically and the wines are a cut above a lot of PEC products. They're also having really good barbecue on the weekends, I think.

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                    If you are looking for excellent wines, try some of the new, smaller wineries with a friendly welcome like Half Moon Bay and The Old Third, as opposed to overpriced, ones like Norman Hardie and Closson Chase.