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Jul 28, 2010 08:59 PM

Who has the best JAR kimchee (not restaurant kimchee) in NYC?

This excludes kimchee served at restaurants as part of ban chan. I know about artisanal kimchees like Mother-in-law's Kimchee and Mama O's, but I'm trying to figure out what kimchee graces your fridges at home. What's it called? Who makes it? Where do you buy it? Why do you like it? Do you like it fresh or a little more fermented? Let's talk kimchee!

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  1. You asked for not restaurant-but mine is from restaurant-Momofuko Noodle bar's is da bomb!! Taste just like my grandma's homemade KimChee!! I never asked to buy it to go but I don't see why they wouldn't sell it to go.

    1. I generally buy Tobagi from H-Mart. It's better than the brand I generally find in Chinese and Japanese stores, though it's still not perfect. I like a little more garlic flavor and heat, which you can find with the kimchi at Union Square Farmer's Market, though that probably is more artisanal than you want. There is also a brand available at Fairway, but I have never tried it.

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        Second Tobagi. I also find the tall cylinder size meshes well with my eating habits.

      2. Have you tried "Mother In Law's Kimchi"

        They also have it at Northern Spy