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Jul 28, 2010 07:53 PM

What has happened to the Paddock?

Just got back from the Paddock....the cozy quaint bar with the small but terrific menu has been replaced by big screen TV's, satellite radio and a totally revamped menu. Just not the same. Wings/Nachos/Spring rolls/Fish n Chips/Wraps & Ribs are now on the menu. Menu was very limited tonight for us as the fryer was shut down. Burger still remains but now topped with blue cheese and mushrooms (I liked, partner did not). Is this the World Cup effect? Or the presence of Hoops a block away? Shame.

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  1. Whaat? That's a shame, I was thinking about going with a group of friends next week, but now I'm not so sure. Sounds like they've renovated into the exact type of place I was trying to avoid going to next week. And that's really unfortunate about the burger, their old burger was so delicious!

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      That sucks. I spent many nights there years ago. Has it changed owners?

      1. re: jamesm

        Yes - we asked the waiter and they are under new ownership.

    2. it's funny, i was going to post something to this effect, as they used to have a few really competent bartenders, and was a great place to get a decent cocktail. went last week, was pretty shoddy.

      plus, they were playing really bad music from the late 90s. it all just felt off in that space.

      1. That's such a shame! The Paddock was great -- I loved that it was definitely a bar but with an excellent dinner menu. Sounds like new management. I just tried their website and it is down...

        1. Crap news... the Paddock was one of my favourite spots.

          Looks like I should have gotten out there a little more regularly to demonstrate my affection.

          1. I just found out about this...and I am man enough to admit, that I shed a tear...a manly tear.

            I loved the Paddock of old, but now....alas. The worst part is that I feel guilty, maybe part of it is my fault, as obviously I have not been in some time. Maybe if I just bought one more drink, it would have been enough for the owners to stay.

            Let this be a lesson to all of not take your favourite bars for granted.

            I know this may be a little late, but any word on what actually happened? The owners go under, or just tired of the grind?