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Lunch on the Hill in St. Louis

bulldogx2 Jul 28, 2010 07:50 PM

Wife and I are going to St. Louis for the first time this weekend. Going to the ballgame Friday night after driving up from Memphis in the afternoon, so dinner will be something quick and on the fly. We have reservations at Niche for Saturday night, and are thinking about doing brunch at Brasserie by Niche Sunday unless there are better options - or unless that's overkill with the same restaurant family. Would like to check out an Italian place on the Hill for lunch Saturday, as well as any good stores/Italian markets in that area. Any suggestions ?

Brasserie by Niche
4580 Laclede Ave, St. Louis, MO 63108

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  1. alan RE: bulldogx2 Jul 29, 2010 05:49 AM

    The two stores to go to are DiGregorio's and Viviano's. I'd start with the former--better layout, better selection and, I believe, better prices. Also, go to Volpi's for a great selection of locally made, high quality cured meats. For lunch, pick up a sandwich at either Adriana's or Amighetti's. The latter is the sentimental favorite but many of the cognoscenti prefer Adriana's. Also, regarding Friday dinner, since you're coming up from the south, consider going to Iron Barley

    Iron Barley
    5510 Virginia Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63111

    Volpi Italian Foods Retail
    5258 Daggett Ave, St Louis, MO

    5101 Shaw Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63110

    Digregorio's Italian Foods
    2232 Marconi Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63110

    5141 Wilson Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63110

    J. Viviano & Sons
    5139 Shaw Ave, St Louis, MO 63110

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      bulldogx2 RE: alan Jul 29, 2010 08:17 AM

      Thanks - this is just what I was looking for.

      1. re: alan
        bulldogx2 RE: alan Jul 31, 2010 01:40 PM

        Alan - we decided to take the whole day off yesterday so we made it to Iron Barley in time for a late lunch. It was delicious - thanks for the great suggestion. Lunch today was a Mambo Siciliano sandwich and house salad from Adriana's - also great. We contributed a good amount to the local economy at DiGregorio's and Volpi as well this afternoon. Thanks again for the tips.

        Iron Barley
        5510 Virginia Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63111

        1. re: bulldogx2
          hill food RE: bulldogx2 Jul 31, 2010 06:03 PM

          I went to Iron Barley for the first time last week, such an odd location for such a good place. so often in STL someone will say a place is "good" when all they really mean is the portions are big. IB was both.

          Iron Barley
          5510 Virginia Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63111

          1. re: bulldogx2
            alan RE: bulldogx2 Aug 2, 2010 07:41 AM

            Thanks for your report. Hope you'll get a chance to come back and try some more local favorites.

        2. n
          nosh RE: bulldogx2 Jul 29, 2010 10:33 AM

          If you can get a reservation, Anthony's Bar & Grill is caddycorner from the ballpark so you can park once. It is related to Tony's, the venerable St. Louis formal favorite for decades

          Be sure to get some St. Louis pizza and toasted revioli, and definitely hit up Ted Drewe's for frozen custard -- it is particularly busy and festive after a Cards win.

          1. a
            Anne RE: bulldogx2 Jul 29, 2010 02:04 PM

            When we make our semi-annual trips to St. Louis we always go to Digregorio's. Then, we head down the street to Amighetti's for one of their Amighetti special sandwiches. It's one of the most unique sandwiches you'll ever have. If you're lucky, the weather will be nice, and you can enjoy your lunch in the courtyard while listening to their house jazz band play. The sandwiches are hefty, but save room for their awesome gelato (available across the courtyard from the main building).

            1. d
              Doug RE: bulldogx2 Jul 30, 2010 05:30 AM

              I really like Guido's Pizza And Tapas. They have been serving Spanish tapas here for decades, long before tapas became trendy. I have heard good things about their pizza.

              Guido's Pizza
              Westland Mall, West Burlington, IA 52655

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              1. re: Doug
                JayEsBee RE: Doug Aug 14, 2010 10:45 PM

                I know this thread is kind of past it's sell by date, but I wanted to get a plug in for a great Hill sandwich shop, Southwest Market, across from Favazza's. I love this place. The guy who mans the register is the owner's son (or maybe the current owner, now, I'm not sure), and he's always so friendly and eager to please and just one of those people who makes me wish I were a better person. And the sandwiches are great. I love their house made salami and their house made spicy mustard. Plus, they give you a free cookie if you eat in. This place makes me happy.

              2. u
                Uncle Luigi RE: bulldogx2 Oct 19, 2010 09:30 AM

                Glad you had a good trip. Just for posterity, the Missouri Baking Co. has great italian baked good. Specifically, the Amaretto Macaroons are amazing and addictive. My family goes to Amighetti's and then the Missouri Baking Co. as a pair.

                9438 Manchester Rd, Saint Louis, MO 63119

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