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Jul 28, 2010 07:40 PM

Late Dinner by Sofitel

My husband and I are in from NYC and staying at the Sofitel..looking for a fun place for a late dinner that is walking distance to the hotel.

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  1. Berri's on Third, open till 4 am, that place is really fun, they have pizza and its kind of gone downhill, but is still very good, just not excellent like before . . . Real Food Daily is pretty close too . . . there is actually a lot of places near there but you mentioned fun, and they are opened pretty late . . .

    1. The Bazaar, down on La Cienega a few lights or up a few light to Nobu LA. I would go with Bazaaar easily (very LA experience), open 'til 11PM most nights. The drinks are amazing and the food is fun. Order the Ultimate Gin and Tonic and the Passion Fruit Martini between the two of you.

      1. Dare I mention Jan's Coffee Shop here? It's about a block down on Beverly, just the other side of La Cienega on the opposite side of the street from the hotel. They've been there forever and the food is pretty good. Haven't been there in years but used to order their Hamburger Royale.

        1. I would take a cab and go to Animal which isn't far from the Sofitel.