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Jul 28, 2010 07:31 PM

best place to buy lobster in delco?

hi there,

live near springfield, and want a place where i can get a large-ish (e.g., 1,5-2lb) fresh steamed lobster, for take out.

any suggestions much appreciated!

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  1. If you don't mind the haul up to Malvern, the new Wegmans has a lobster tank with some pretty large occupants.

    1. There's a seafood store on Baltimore Ave in Media called Hill's. No idea about lobster selection, but they aren't too far from you.

      1. The Ardmore Farmer's Market in Suburban Square has a great seafood vendor. They have huge lobsters! I'm sure you could get them steamed to go.

        1. We just had a bunch of 1.25lb lobsters for a party from the new Seafood USA in Paoli. We ordered them live but they also sell them steamed. They were incredibly good. Ordered them on a Friday and they had just come in. Haven't had them this fresh except for Maine, and that includes what we get at the shore... I did learn, too, that the Seafood USA in Wayne and Paoli are same owner and same fish supplier, if Wayne is closer. And they did have the larger sized lobsters too...we just prefer the 1 -1.5 lb size..

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            1. I'm originally from Cape Cod I"m a bit picky. Hills does have wonderful lobsters, but Icook them myself..........don't knowwhat their cooked onesare like. Ialso really liked their stuffed clams when they have them..........not as good as my own.....but WTH.a lot easier