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Jul 28, 2010 07:02 PM

Need catering referral in Vancouver for an intimate private function

I am planning a special birthday celebration to be held in Vancouver in October. Since I am not living in the city, I need help with a strong referral to a caterer.

We are looking for something extra-ordinary. Perhaps some on-site cooking and/or finishing to add a bit of "performance" to the event.

Format will be cocktail party. Approx. 20 people. Location is a downtown condo with open kitchen and induction cooktop and wares.

I am looking for someone who has first hand experience to recommend a caterer - you've hired them or you've attend a party that blew you away.

I appreciate any and all suggestions...

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  1. Truffles Catering is incredible. I've used them in the past and they are very flexible in pricing and options. Most importantly they are very "cutting edge" when it comes to menus. (They are also part owners in the new L'Abbatoir restaurant in Gastown) They do a lot of production/industry gigs and I believe their office has been relocated to the North Shore Studios but you can probably google them and find contact info.

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    1. re: Manisha

      Thanks...I have been doing some research and talking to caterers. Does anyone have any experience of feedback on the following?
      - Culinary Capers
      - The Butler Did It
      - Savoury City
      - Thyme to Indulge
      - Lazy Gourmet (they haven't gotten back to me yet...too lazy?)


    2. You might also check out Two Chefs and a Table. They have a restaurant east of Gastown but do catering. Was at an event where they did lots of fresh fish lightly grilled etc.

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        As mentioned already - two chefs and a table is a good choice, I have enjoyed eating there.

        Another company is Savoury Chef - chef Taryn invited us in for a tasting. The food was top notch and we were treated well from the first phone call we made. We actually attended a wedding at the art gallery and had the event taken care of by them. It was perfect, and the food was of such high quality that we were very much looking forward in having them take care of our wedding as well.

        In the end both our parents decided that having the reception at the Vancouver Club was the right choice - for traditional reasons.

        Another recommendation from a colleague at work - Epicurious caterers, they are a smaller company but we have heard many good things about them.

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        1. Try Donnie at Cuiinary Ink - we hired him for a Halloween Party last year (30 adults, 20 kids) and he did an excellent job.

          1. try Calvin's 604-922-4222