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Jul 28, 2010 06:47 PM

AAA Reports: Nothing Good to Eat in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee and West Virginia

I'm certain the folks in the states above will be surprised to hear that none restaurant garnered the AAA coveted 5 diamond rating.

When did the people who come out to fix a flat tire or jump off a stubborn battery start rating restaurants?

The LA Times ties it all in to the obesity rates in the above states.

Something must taste pretty good or the folks in said states wouldn't be sporting a few extra pounds I reckon.

Hard to fathom the best eating town in our country; New Orleans not meeting the requirements of the tow truck drivers who run AAA.

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  1. Well, Michelin just makes tires, so how did they get into being the defacto standard of restaurant excellence in Europe?

    I'd reckon that these diamond ratings, just like Michelin stars, take into account a certain amount of pomp and decorum regarding the restaurants atmosphere and service, any may even penalize a lack of a dress code. Personally, I prefer places that don't require a jacket and tie and that don't have a nearly 1:1 waitstaff to patron ratio, I don't need someone hovering over me while I'm trying to eat, but for those who dine out more for appearance than for the food those things might be important.

    I'd wager that if you did a 'man on the street' type poll of random people throughout the US about what city has the best food, New Orleans would be at or very near the top.

    1. AAA has been rating restaurants, hotels and resorts in USA longer (I'm going to guess) than you've been alive. and it's not done by tow truck drivers.

      I'm interested they didn't find any top quality food in any of those places though. Not just New Orleans....

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      1. re: ChefJune

        It would interesting to know AAA's criteria. But for the record, I enjoyed my fine dining experiences at Erling Jensen and River Oaks, both in Memphis TN and hope to return for repeat meals in the future.

        Erling Jensen
        1044 South Yates
        Memphis, TN 38119
        (901) 763-3700

        River Oaks Restaurant
        5871 Poplar Avenue
        Memphis, TN 38119
        Phone: 901.683.9305

      2. Several of my favorite places are in the unlisted, ignored states:
        The Greenbriar in West Virginia and Blackberry Farm in Tennessee. Both of these gorgeous places have top-notch food. I also find it odd that Frank Stitt in Birmingham Alabama is ignored .............

        Edit: I just checked the 2010 AAA 5 Diamond list and noted that I've eaten in quite a few of these restaurants. My question remains the same - Greenbriar? Blackberry Farm? Why not? They're certainly in the same league as WA's Herbfarm and The Inn at Little Washington in VA which I've also enjoyed.

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        1. re: Sherri

          The Greenbrier used to have 5 Stars, 5 Diamonds for many years. After being there twice, and enjoying fabulous food and exemplary hospitality, I certainly don't understand why they would have lost even a speck of their previous recognition.

        2. Just because no one got a five does not mean that there is no where good to eat.

          1. I'm guessing AAA and Michelin started rating restaurants to accommodate travelers wanting to know where to get good meals in clean surroundings...It's just one of their services to their clients.