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Jul 28, 2010 06:15 PM

Feedback on itinerary (Carmel)

Hi all,

First, I apologize for the double post, I had one similar to thins in the SF bay area but since the trip also includes Carmel, I was advised to post my questions here as well.

Flying to SF this Friday for three nights and then two nights in Carmel with husband and 3 yr old son.

I've been doing research on things to do and places to eat and I came up with the plan below. Please note that the son is fairly well--behaved and is used to sitting in restaurants eating and watching sesame street or something else on the iphone.

Friday July 30th
3 PM Check-in at Hyatt Regency Embarcadero
4 PM Take the son to Fisherman's wharf to see the sea lions
7 PM back to hotel to change for dinner
8 PM Dinner reservation at 1550 Hyde

Saturday July 31st
8 AM Ferry Market
10 AM Coit Tower
12 noon cable car to chinatown
1 PM if hungry light lunch at R&G or Chung King
2 PM Back to the hotel for son's nap time
4 PM GGB and Crissy Field
7 PM Dinner reservations at Zuni Café

Sunday August 1st

8 AM breakfast at hotel
9 AM Exploratorium
1 PM Back at the hotel for nap time
3 PM Golden Gate Park
7 PM back at the hotel to get ready for dinner
7:45 Dinner reservation at Slanted Door

Monday August 2nd

8 AM breakfast at hotel
10 AM Head down to Carmel
12 PM check in at Highlands Inn and nap time for toddler
3 PM go to Carmel Valley village for wine tasting (Parsonage, Bernardus,Talbott)
7 PM take some wine and cheese or sushi (any recommendations here?) and head to Carmel beach to watch the sunset

Tuesday August 3rd
8 AM Breakfast at hotel
9 AM Drive to Monterrey for the 17 mile drive
1 PM back to carmel for nap time
3 PM Possibly pack light lunch from (suggestions here?)
3:30 PM Go to Point Lobos Park and spend the afternoon there
8:00 PM dinner at pacific's edge

Please provide any input and suggestions. What would you change in terms of places and restaurants.

Thanks a lot

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  1. Just some comments...
    If you are going to the Hyde Cafe on Russian Hill, I read in todays SF Chronicle that it is closing or has closed. You should check and perhaps find an alternate in either case.

    There's a wine and cheese shop in the Carmel shopping ctr., right downtown. Also Brunos, downtown Carmel would be a good sandwich, cheese, etc place. There is a huge Safeway in the Crossroads shopping ctr. that would have all sorts of picnic supplies too.

    Are you planning on a sitter for young son when you have dinner at the Pacific's Edge? It is a special occasion kind of restaurant, not really appropriate for a 3 yo. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. The view is magnificent. An alternative idea is to dine in the bar. Their bar menu is really quite good and the view is the same. Check the site for both menus.

    Hope you have great trip.

    Pacific's Edge Restaurant
    120 Highlands Drive, Carmel, CA 93923

    1. The Cheese Shoppe in Carmel is where you want to go for cheese. Agree with the Pacific's Edge comment, too.

      Pacific's Edge Restaurant
      120 Highlands Drive, Carmel, CA 93923

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      1. re: HoosierFoodie

        Looks ambitious! We have dined at Pacific's Edge several times and I have seen young, well-behaved children in there a couple of times. When you head out to Carmel Valley for your wine tasting, consider a stop at Chateau Julien, also. The produce some wonderful Chardonnay. Enjoy your trip! :)

        Pacific's Edge Restaurant
        120 Highlands Drive, Carmel, CA 93923

      2. Stayed at the Hyatt Highlands Inn and dined at Pacific Edge restaurant but when we were there at 8pm, I did not see any 3 year olds..maybe upstairs at 5pm.
        I would do app's and drinks at PE and then head to Passionfish in Pacific Grove for dinner..fresh seafood and reasonable great wine list.

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        1. re: Beach Chick

          Thank you all for the recommendation on the cheese shop, Brunos and Chateau Julien, we'll check them out when we're there.
          I called Pacific Edge today and asked them about the 3yr old and they said that they have a section upstairs for families with kids so I went ahead and made reservations there. Still, I told them that I'll be stopping by the day before to check out the seating arrangements.

          1. re: BlackTea

            Sounds great about the upstairs area for families. Hope it works out for you.
            Did you check on the Hyde Cafe?
            Please report back after you're home and the dust has settled.

            1. re: Gail

              Yes I did, they're closing August 14.
              I sure will post a detailed report after we get back. Thank you all so much.