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Jul 28, 2010 05:35 PM

"Recovery" Foods

So...not sure where to post this, but I'm sure some kind soul will help out. I'm literally at a loss here; can make any number of complex dishes and homestyle dishes, but am seeking suggestions of a personal bent for my son who is doing his best to recover from huge amounts of chemotherapy. What did you cook/eat? What tempted you? What foods worked for you? Acid/nausea can be problematic, also raw veggies are out. Thanks soooo much for any suggestions.

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  1. mamachef, all my best wishes to your son and you - I do hope he is doing well. You might want to rejig your title (Post-Chemo recovery foods?) as I was afraid it was one of those AA, NA, CA or even OA (overeaters anonymous) things. Many people on or after chemo, tritheraphy and other gruelling medical therapies find their appetites and abilities to digest foods severely compromised - I have a friend with AIDS and an uncle who had cancer who both had regimens ruling out "healthy food" like fresh vegetables and fibre.

    Could a local Cancer society or charity be of help? Even if the recipes they suggest are dull, they could provide useful guidelines.

    Does he have to gain back weight? That can also be a challenge (strange as it seems to many of us) as fats might be nauseating too.

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      Great suggestion re: reposting under different title. I wondered about the wording myself.
      I do have "cookbooks" from the ACS and related organizations, and they recommend things that he's really not into; a lotta custards/cottage cheesey/noodley sorta things. The smoothies have worked from time to time. The big problem is, I raised a chowhound. I need to figure how to restructure some foods to make them more palatable and appealing to his taste right now. Reducing fat content is probably a good start.
      Thanks for all the good thoughts and wishes. We believe in prayer and good food around here.

    2. I would be inclined to ask him what sounds edible to him. I used to let my kids choose their birthday menu and one year every dish was white and bland. The kid loved it but the adults could barely choke it down. Anyway, my point is that whatever he thinks he wants is worth trying. Best wishes for a fast recovery for your son.