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Jul 28, 2010 05:33 PM

Chavin, Stamford Ct

Anybody been? Any reports? Menu sounds awesome!

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  1. Good question! I haven't been myself as I've been completely satisfied with Fiesta for Peruvian.

    But I also would be interested in hearing feedback on Chavin and how it differs from Fiesta a few doors down...

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      I believe (though not positive) Chavin is the sister restaurant to the Chavin in Port Chester at that flatiron-like angular intersection near Westchester Ave and Main. The one in PC is pretty good, though I tend to go to other spots. I haven't been to the one in Stamford.

      Purely for lomo saltado, I like Omar's restaurant across from the KFC, but that isn't a place you go to for a night out. It's stark white walls and colding card board tables. But... as someone once told me... good food makes its own ambiance, so I'm fine there.

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        You are correct - it is the sister restaurant to the Chavin in Port Chester.

    2. I've been a few times. I'm no expert on Latin American cuisine, but my husband and I really enjoy it. I typically order the lomo saltado, which is quite good for Stamford. They also make a decent pisco sour. It's a nicer environment than Fiesta - if we're taking friends out, we usually opt for Chavin over Fiesta.

      This isn't sounding like a stellar review, but I view it as a solid restaurant option in Stamford, just not a "must see" destination.

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        You had me at "pisco sour" ... have yet to find anything authentic around these parts. Thx for tip.

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          Finally got to Chavin. Their pisco sour was outstanding... for two, just 8.00. I've always had them with lemon juice, but they also added lime, which gave it an added zing..

          By no means an expert in SA cuisine, I really enjoyed the meal. A Peruvian friend recommended starting with the papa a la huancaina -- boiled potated covered with with a creamy Spanish cheese sauce. I must confess, at first blush the cheese sauce looked like heated cheeze whiz, but it was very tasty and delivered a nice light kick. Then the Lomo Saltado,the classic stir fried beef and sauce over french fries. Both were tasty, but one after the other: too many potatoes. My guest started with the tamales and a nice onion salad, then had the lomo al jugo -- which was the same as my lomo, only over boiled potatoes.

          Service excellent, setting pleasant, a very nice evening. Agree with gw, no spills and thrills, but a nice change of pace from Stamford's ubiquitous Italians and Indians.