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Lola's Commissary

There is a new brunch/lunch spot at the north end of the Church/Wellesley Villiage. Anyone been? The menu sounds promising. The two female owners gave out home made boxes of cookies to my office (as it's in the same neighborhood). The cookies where DELICIOUS! And the owners were lovely and seemed eager to please. I'm hoping these two can make a go out of it. It's a little off the beaten path and has a revolving door for new restaurants it seems. Any reports back would be appreciated.


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  1. Weird hours according to their website:

    Mon - closed | Tues - Fri - 11am - 3pm | Sat - Sun 10am - 4pm

    Guess they are just going for the lunch and brunch crowd. According to the website it says as of June 1st they would open at 7am but they haven't updated the hours on the bottom of the page if that is true.

    Menu looks interesting but will probably never be in the area when they are open!

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        Teresa DeGrace, she's one of the hosts on Toronto's Dining Out, isn't she? Now that I think of it I recall hearing this mentioned on the show.

      2. They're not new. They were open last summer.

        1. We live in the 'hood and for whatever reason just never go around to eating here but went today and had an excellent brunch. The food was fresh and creative. Partner had the mushroom bene which was fantastic. I had the eggs ranchero which included amazingly spiced black beans, and super fresh tasting salsa and guac. Service was fast and friendly and the space was very comfortable. This place really is a neighbourhood gem and feel guilty that we hadn't stopped in earlier, but will be back for sure.

          I remember when they opened they were doing dinner as well. But looks like they're open until 3 and doing the brunch/lunch thing now.

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            it has been sold to new owners...so we will see what the future brings...

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              Wow are they in place now? We just ate there today.

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                it was sold almost 2 months ago, so i must assume the new owners are in place...i certainly wouldn't want to take over an existing resto when the slow january season is ahead of me without making any of the fall/xmas money...

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                  Thanks for the heads up inglorious. Not sure what it was like before but the brunch we had today was one of the best I've had in the city. So I'm cool with whatever the new owners are doing!

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                    also went today. had the egg white frittata..so delish. Brother god the eggs lola. also great. very inviting but unnassuming restaurant. Doesn't hurt that servisc is friendly,inviting. love the decor..and bathrooms! (one of my selling points for restaurants)

          2. Brought my visiting sister there today for a late brunch and this place knocked out socks off again. I had teh Egg's lola which is a poached egg on a crispy corn tortillia with a spicy pulled chicken. Delish and the side of super fresh green salsa was amazing. Sister got the eggs bene which was also stellar.

            I'm fortunate that this place is in my backyard but it really is one of the best brunch spots I've enjoyed in this city. Everything tastes super fresh and the service is always really good too.

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              I had a great brunch at Lola's Commissary on Sunday. The website says they open at 9 am, so we got there around 9:30 to face a locked door and hours showing they open at 10. We were most bummed, but one of the servers saw us, came to the door and we told him about the web site hours. He let us in out of the cold rain and let us chill with our newspaper until 10. It was most appreciated.

              They squeeze their own juices IN HOUSE, which I find rarer and rarer these days. I had the eggs rancheros and a yummy grapefruit juice, while hubby had the basic french toast and a rockin' strong coffee. My eggs rancheros are now my favourite rendition I've had in the city -- two crispy corn tortillas fully loaded with eggs, cheese, black beans, fresh guacamole, fresh tomatillo salsa and a great pico de gallo with corn. Totally delicious. Hubby was very happy with the french toast -- simple, but just right and made with challah bread, as all good french toast should be! And he raved about the coffee.

              The service was great -- super friendly and attentive. We loved the atmosphere -- warm, funky and bright with great local artwork everywhere.

              We're looking forward to going back!

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                Genuine fresh-squeezed AND huevos? I can't wait to give it a try.

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                  Yes, please do try and report back! I want to hear about more dishes. :)

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                    Panettone also makes good French toast ;-)

            2. i live in the neighborhood and i've been here several times and i really like it. i always get the huevos rancheros, 'cause it's my favourite. but, i tried a bite of the cheesecake french toast and it was very yum. good brunch atmosphere too.

              1. I'm planning to try Lola's Commissary for brunch this weekend. Do they take reservations. And if the answer is a typical no, is there much of wait at 11:30 on a Saturday?

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                  I've been several times and never had to wait. Last visit was the busiest and we just had to wait a couple of minutes for them to clean up a table. The space is much bigger than it looks from the outside.

                  Their version of jeuvos which they call Eggs Ranchero is my fave there. Close second is the Eggs Lola. But never had anything that wasn't good. The house made green salsa is killer so tend to lean towards anything that involves it or as for it on the side.

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                    Thanks for responding, that's just what I wanted to hear.

                    The hard part will be choosing what to order!

                2. I never focused on the location of this place and then drove by it last week-end - the hip sounding name felt more like Queen West or something. So do we know if they open at 10 on both days for brunch or is it earlier on Saturday? And any thoughts on the level of kid-friendliness?

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                    Open at 10 both days. Definitely had a kid-friendly vibe!

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                      Not that I can recall, just french toast.

                    2. Was here twice over the summer and there's been some changes at Lola's. It's much busier which is a good thing, now generally have to wait a bit for a table. There's been some changes.

                      My beloved, favourite breakfast dish in Toronto, Eggs Ranchero, has morphed into something more like a breakfast quesadilla. It's now eggs, beans, cheese folded into a flour tortilla. Salsa, guac and sour cream on top. They were a bit heavy handed with the sour cream, and it was decent. But just wasn't great like the old version.

                      Really the specials seem to be where they shine now. Today my partner got the pulled pork breakfast sliders. Pulled pork, eggs, and cheese on two fresh biscuits and was really delish. On last visit I had the pulled port breakfast tacos, also fantastic.

                      It's still a great place, but really miss the old Eggs Ranchero!

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                        Agreed about the rancheros, the last time I ordered them I was sadly disappointed. But it's still one of my favourite brunch spots in the city.

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                          Torontojo,if you don't mind the lineups, Lady Marmelade on Queen has great rancheros.

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                            Thanks for the reminder, millygirl -- I haven't been to Lady Marmalade in a couple of years. I did enjoy it before, but I had a nasty dish once (some citrus wasabi cream waffle thing) that really turned me off. I need to give it another shot.

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                            Though some of the menu is still there, the old owner/chef had much better presentation.

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                                I agree, the eggs rancheros was a bit slopped together on the plate. The old version was visually stunning! It's still one of my favourite places in the city and an easy 10 minute stumble from home. Still good but not quite as it once was. The one positive improvement is the sexy potatoes are slightly better and now called potatoes lola.