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Jul 28, 2010 05:12 PM

Fresh lime juice / in quantity / North Brooklyn

Does anyone know where in North Brooklyn (or as close as possible) I can get a gallon (or so) of fresh lime juice?

I feel like maybe this used to be possible at Essex St Market so maybe Marqueta at Moore St?

I'd be grateful for any ideas. Also what the going rate might be?

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  1. I can now confirm that Marqueta / Moore St is not an option. Ideas anyone?

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    1. re: Jack Barber

      fresh lime juice turns so quickly that i don't think it is offered too often if at all anywhere. That is why you mostly see limeade and not lime juice. best bet is to do it yourself.

      1. re: Yaxpac

        Steve's key lime place sells limes and certainly uses a lot of the juice - maybe too expensive but they might have some ideas. You could just buy a coule of cases of limes and squeeze.

        Maybe there are frozen sources - the most logical. for large quantities.
        for example

    2. YOu can buy quarts and half-gallons of fresh lemon and lime juice at the fresh fruit and vegetables store in Chelsea Market--Manhattan Fruits or a similar name.. Look in the refrigerated cases toward the rear of the store. Their prices are good but I cannot give specifics on the lime juice.

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      1. re: erica

        I am pretty sure that they only sell Limeade at the manhattan fruit exchange. I have been on this same search before myself and it was fruitless ;)

        1. re: Yaxpac

          I just called them and they claim to sell both fresh lemon and lime juices. Will report back if it turns out not to be true.