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Jul 28, 2010 04:58 PM

4 days in HK

I will be travelling to HK for 4 days in late August with my boyfriend. We haven't been back to HK since 2006. I know there are numerous upon numerous restaurants and I know of some we went to last time but would like some recommendations on what's good these days! We are from Toronto so we get pretty good Chinese food here. One definite must is the Tai Cheung egg tarts that I fell in love with in 2006.

I would like to mainly plan for/get ideas for dinners and maybe dim sum. I remember we went to a good dim sum restaurant that was upstairs some building in Causeway Bay last time. Have no idea what its name was....

I would like to have a nice dinner with a view; though, not Western food since we can get that readily in Canada. We previously had dinner at the Peak at the Western restaurant (can't remember its name either). Any good restaurants in IFC or in TST overlooking the harbour?

Other than that I'm just open to hearing about any and all suggestions that I can further research :) Not too picky right now.

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  1. Western food in Canada cannot match with quality in HK such as Caprice And Robuchon. Having said that, if you have only 4 days, mind as well stick with Cantonese food. If you want a nice view with Chinese food, Lung King Heen (Cantonese cuisine) at Four Season Hotel maybe a good choice, provided if you are ok with a good portion of the money you spent goes to the view and service. But if you are ok with "western" food (with quality you cannot get in Canada), go to Caprice of Four Season, it has a spectacular view.

    Also, I would suggest "Fan Tang" for high quality dim sum and "Causeway Bay Spicy Crab" for seafood such as "Typhoon Shelter Crab" and over-sized chili mantis shrimp. Or go to "Kam Fung" Cha Chan Tang (Hk style fast food eatery) for their Chicken Pie. I am sure you will get more suggestion from others on this board.

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      I would suggest going to Lei Garden for dim sum. Crystal Jade is also a fool-proof place to go to, particularly for their xiao long bao (pork dumplings with soup).

      Unfortunately, most of the restaurants overlooking the harbour tend to be western eating establishments, but if you don't mind Japenese, there's Nobu at the Intercontinental hotel.

      Other places with an amazing view - Cafe Grey at Upper House hotel (great drinks & food), Lobby lounge at the Intercontinental, Aqua in TST (drinks & food are so-so only)

      Hope this helps.

      (To look up the address, visit www.openrice.com/english)

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        ooh there's a Nobu in HK??? We went to the one in NYC and loved it. Yes I stumbled on the openrice website last night from Chowhound and found a lot of stuff!


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        mmm crab thanks. I love crab. I'll look into those!

      3. Other restaurants with view and reasonable/good food:

        Yan Toh Heen at InterCon
        Felix at Peninsula
        Pierre at Mandarin Oriental
        Petrus at Island Shangri-La
        Victoria Seafood at Citic Tower for dim sum

        Forgot Crystal Jade. Go to Ding Tai Feng for your xlb instead.

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          Thank you :)

          If Ding Tai Feng/Fung is a chain, we have that in a suburb of Toronto :P We will be hitting Shanghai in a latter leg of our trip so I think xlb can wait :P

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            Ding Tai Fung in Hong Kong is part of the DTF'Shanghai' chain. The one in Markham ( Toronto ) is not officially part of this chain! Quality is no where near the Michelin Star Hk DTF!!

            BTW, I ate at Hong Kong's Nobu this March and was not at all impressed!! View was good though!

            Another flavourful crab dish is the 'steamed flower crab with vintage Chinese rice wine and chicken fat'. Versions at places like the Chairman or Fu Sing is worth trying.

            IMO, one cuisine that is realy missing here in Toronto is good Shanghainese food. If you are in Causeway Bay or Wan Chai, try out either XinJiShi at Lee Garden2, Yun Ping Road in Causeway Bay or Lui Yuan Pavillion on Lockhart Road in Wan Chai. If you are staying on Kowloon side, there's Old Hong Kong Restaurant inside the MIRA Hotel. Nothing like that in Toronto!! Period!!

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              Thanks Charles. We'll be going to Shanghai so I'm assuming we'll get good Shanghainese there lol. But I'll keep those in mind since we're staying in Causeway.

              Whereabouts are the Chaiman or Fu Sing restaurants?

              What does the Old Hong Kong Restaurant serve? And its price point? Would definitely like to have something that we don't get in Toronto and I know from the TO Chow boards you know your TO Chinese food.

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                For information on and direction to 'The Chairman' , you can go on their website www.thechairmangroup.com. As for Fu Sing, their address is 353 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai.

                Old Hong Kong Restaurant serves great high end Shanghainese food.

                If you are staying in Causeway Bay, spend sometime at 'Time Square'. Head down to 'City Super' in the basement. This 'super-dupa' supermarket put our ' McEwan' to shame!! The exotic items there are unreal!. Then head to the adjacent food complex and explore it floor by floor!! Total of 11 floors of eateries for you to go through! Have fun!!

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                  Thanks Charles! Yeah I remember the CIty Super stores, I think the one in IFC I remember the most, they had a cute bun shaped like a bear's face.

                  I think I found the dim sum we went to
                  Tao Heung Super 88 Restaurant
                  6/F Windsor House
                  311 Gloucester Road,
                  Causeway Bay
                  Tel: 2831 9155

                  Googe Street Viewed it and looks like where we went. Upstairs a building.

                  I can't wait to have the mango drink from the red signed store that was across from TImes Square!

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                And it looks like Din Tai Fung just put up a notice last week on its official website disavowing the imposter in Toronto: