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Jul 28, 2010 04:37 PM

Download recipes in Word format

Does anyone know where I can download recipes in Microsoft Word format?

Failing that, does anyone else transcribe their recipes into Word format? Would you like to swap recipes?

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  1. I usually just select the text I'm interested in and copy/paste it into an MSWord document. Does this not work for you?

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    1. re: small h

      Me too. I don't know how else to do it. As to where to do it, for me it's where ever I find a recipe I like, copy and paste.

      1. re: small h

        Yeah me too.... I'm just being lazy. I do have hundreds of recipes, though.

        1. re: Hank Hanover

          Copy and paste, no easier way to do it. I have thousands of recipes, somewhat organized in files, but I really need to divide my files into subsets at this point, a big task.

          1. re: bushwickgirl

            When I get energetic, I want to organize mine in a database so I can search by ingredient, cooking method and type of dish.

            I have made copying and pasting a little more difficult because I prefer a specific format, specific fonts. I like the ingredients to be in a double column.

            Whenever possible, I like the recipe to only take up 1 page in case I want to print it for use.

            "All recipes" drive me crazy with their format. All the orange letters and everything in a table. It takes me a lot of time to convert their recipes.

            What I really want is when I go through the trouble of buying a cookbook, I want them to give me a way to download the recipes either with an enclosed disk or a website and a password.

            1. re: Hank Hanover

              depending on what browser you use, you can save actual recipe webpages and view them offline and use the search/find function of your operating system to locate a specific recipe or ingredient. if you want a recipe database, microsoft word is not the proper program. and by database, you mean an organized structure of data that allows you to extract information easily? that's possible and there are programs like mysql or access - but do you really want to spend time programming or cooking? because customizing an "e-cookbook" will take-up alot of your time. i do systems and databases for a living and away from work, i'd rather cook than tinker with how pretty my recipes are.

              please don't get me wrong - am just trying to point out how much effort it will take to put together like something you have in mind.

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        1. One handy tool for downloading just text without advertising etc. is called Readability:

          Then you can copy and paste to another format.

          1. Are you all using Word2010? If so how are you getting around the GD "header" and "footer"?

            I've been using word for years with no problem doing the copy paste, until using the 2010Beta version.

            I try and get around the whole recipe sitting in the header, then only a portion of it shows, when I try and hitting enter to give me more room to fit the whole recipe in there it won't let me do it the way I had been using for all this time.

            I'm getting so aggravated I've started to just print from the source which of course won't allow me to change anything.

            I was getting ready to actually buy the 2010, but won't until they either change that part of the document, or I find a way to make it work.

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            1. re: hummingbird

              I haven't seen the 2010 Beta V but what I do is:
              Select All
              On the bottom left of the tool bar you'll see a drop down box with AA to the left of it. Click on that and select "remove formatting". This will clear out funky fonts, bulleting, tabs, etc. and put most everything into your default. While everything is selected, go up to the toolbar and click on the A on the lower right side to put everything in black text. Now go to the underline button and hit that twice to get rid of any underlining. After that it usually only takes a few small tweaks to finish up the page in the format that I prefer.

              1. re: morwen

                More or less same thing but faster: After you've Ctrl >C the text you want to paste, go to Edit > Paste Special > Unformatted Text. Once the text is pasted you can use Edit > Replace (Ctrl H) to clear extraneous ellipses, tabs, paragraph marks, etc.

                I also use Style Sheets to set up my recipes the way I want them. E.g., title and yield in bold, ingredients flush left, instructions in numbered paragraphs with a hang indent and space between paragraphs. Once you've set up your style sheets, it's quick and easy to style copy at the same time you paste it.

            2. Doesn't really solve the OP's MS Word question, but for those who use Firefox as their browser, this is what I do for online recipes and places like Allrecipes that have a lot of "clutter". -

              First, I use the Firefox extension called Aardvark to "cleanup" the webpage to the way I want my "document" to look. (Usually involves removing ads and photos and making the screen all black & white.) Then I use a "pdf printer" to create a pdf document of what I'm seeing on the screen instead of printing to paper.
              There are quite a few free pdf printers online. I use Bullzip, but there's also CutePDF and PrimoPDF.
              For me, the only downside of my "system" is that I can't edit the resulting pdf with any of the software currently on my computer. For now, with any recipes that actually merit getting printed to paper, I resolve that problem by just writing by hand any "comments" or changes I might have.

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              1. re: Bryan Pepperseed

                Bryan this is an excellent tip - Thanks very much. I will find this most useful.

                1. re: Mistral

                  You're welcome Mistral
                  Just a tip .... after you've removed all the garbage on the screen, don't forget to quit aardvark by hitting the "Q" key before you "print" your pdf - otherwise the red border that aardvark uses to select items will also be in your pdf.

                  1. re: Bryan Pepperseed

                    Re: Your "I can't edit the resulting pdf with any of the software currently on my computer."

                    I see the new version of Cute PDF (v 3.6) seems to allow you to write on PDF docs.
                    "Use the Typewriter tool to type text anywhere on a PDF page". This may be of help to you.??