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over-cooked salmon filet -- any ideas?

Well, I was just so proud of myself for whipping out the parchment paper and trying a new recipe for salmon. But apparently I did something wrong because it was completely overcooked! I hate to pitch a whole salmon filet, but I definitely can't eat this tough fish for dinner... I like my salmon practically sushi-grade. I slathered it in chipotle aioli, but you can't even tell... oh well.

Any clever ideas for ways to use this fish?

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  1. Salmon cakes? Or quiche perhaps?

    Heck, go with the "Hair of the dog" technique and make salmon jerky.

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      I am in on the salmon cakes. Love them! I try to keep some in the freezer for those nights that I am not cooking for my DH. I like them far more than he does.

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        +1. Just did that with some overcooked chicken breast.

      2. Mexican-style spread or dip? Cream cheese, lime juice, cilantro, fine chopped red and/or green onion, dab of garlic and cumin--with tortilla chips or spread on a tortilla and warmed....

        1. Mix in a little bit of liquid smoke, maybe some dill, then mix the whole of it into cream cheese and make lox spread!

            1. Salmon chowder? Maybe combine with canned mushroom soup if you are in a hurry. Add a bit of chopped onion and green pepper. And cream.

              I live in BC, where frozen pink salmon is very cheap. I cook a whole fish (about 3 lbs, usually) in foil, from frozen -- yes, I do! Turns out moist and delicious. Check before you think it can possibly be done because you can always cook it a few minutes longer.

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                make a "salad" with rice, julienne cukes, crumbled nori, shredded carrots, avocado, and the salmon (shred) and sprinkle with soy sauce. It is like a sushi "Philly Roll"- add some tiny bits of cream cheese.

              2. I feel your pain. The main thing is that you want to add back moisture. Lots of good ideas above, but the unifying theme is to break down the meat and add back some fat.

                Most of these applications require flaking the filet. But then you can mix it with mayo., or mix it with cream cheese and smear it on something, or toss it with a vinaigrette or bind it in a dressing and pan-fry (yum!!!).

                I spent some time growing up in a place where in a good year fresh salmon went from being a pleasant surprise to an everyday ingredient to an overabundant ingredient. But I never got tired of salmon croquettes...

                1. Wow -- great suggestions from everyone. Almost wish I'd overcooked more than one filet so I could do all of them (well... kind of). Really though, great ideas, and I'm so glad I didn't toss it in the trash.

                  Salmon cakes for everyone!