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Jul 28, 2010 03:52 PM

Typical Dress Code in Coastal Maine

Other than Arrows and probably the restaurant at the White Barn Inn which might prefer jackets (we're not going to either one), how do people typically dress for dinner if they're not at a lobster pound or seafood shack? Do people tend to wear jeans and shorts (probably with collared shirts) everywhere or when they say business casual, people really do wear slacks. Let's say, MC Perkins, Angelina's, Front Porch and Katie's in Ogunquit, Varano's in Wells, and One Dock at Kennebunkport Inn. How many of these would lean toward slacks? To me steak places are almost always business casual - is it any differenty by the coast? I love to go casual whenever I can, but also try to respect a restaurant's wishes.

The White Barn Inn
37 Beach Avenue, Kennebunk Beach, ME 04043

Front Porch Restaurant
9 Shore Rd, Ogunquit, ME 03907

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    1. re: jackattack

      Not helpful with how I should pack, but amusing.

      1. During the day shorts and a polo shirt will get you in anywhere. At night, khakis and a polo shirt will get you in anywhere. No bare feet during the day, no flip flops at night.

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        1. re: whs

          No flip flops at night? ??? Geezum criminy, you must be hitting the really high-end joints. At the places I go, when it comes to flip flops it seems it's the louder the better.
          And don't forget your Crocs or you'll really feel out of place.

        2. We wear shorts and tee shirts and sandals everywhere we go in Maine, yes, even into "nicer" places that don't have a specific dress code. If they don't want our money, they'll ask us to leave. :) But then, we don't often eat out fancy. If I want us to dress up, I have a nice kaftan or salwar kameez suit I wear and my husband has a nice Hawaiian shirt he wears. Shorts are not optional. :)

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          1. re: Morganna

            I'm with Morganna. At least in seacoast NH, Kittery, South Berwick, York, Ogunquit, shorts and flip-flops (and a nice T-shirt or polo) are the way to go. I guess we don't go to the really high end places. But I think that khakis would be more out of place than shorts--for lunch or dinner.

            1. re: ChrisB

              OK, I confess...I went out to dinner last night in shorts and

          2. I don't there is a restaurant in Portland where you couldn't roll off the beach, sit down and eat. But why would you want to? I think one should use common sense and give the restaurant's reputation some consideration and respect and dress accordingly.