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Jul 28, 2010 02:59 PM

Colonia Roma -- Broka, Rosetta, and Stampa del Mar

Today I walked from Col. Condesa over to Broka, only to discover that they are on vacation until next week.

Plan B was to go to Rosetta. I walked to Rosetta, arriving at 2:30 pm (perhaps I should have arrived in a limo). Three-fourths of the tables were not occupied, and many of the dining room and kitchen staffs were standing around talking. I requested a table for one person and was told unapologetically that it was not possible.

Plan C was Stampa del Mar, on the corner of Puebla and Orizaba, were I received a warm welcome, a nice table, and a complimentary glass of wine. It is unlikely that I will return to Rosetta, but I will definitely go back to Stampa del Mar and Broka.

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  1. How odd of Rosetta! I wonder what was behind that attitude.
    We have not eaten there yet, only gone in to buy some of their excellent bread. I was very atracted to a sliced pulpos appetizer that I saw one table having.

    We hope to dine there wehn on our next visit to Colonia Roma, and if so, will report back.

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      Anonimo, I have been told by others that making a reservation is very important. If you go, please let us know about your experience.

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        You definitely need reservations for Rosetta for lunch/dinner, or whenever. The place isn't huge and it's very popular. The reason they wouldn't give you a table is because they surely had reservations for 3 or 4pm and they'll absolutely hold tables like that. It's not in the playbook for them to say something like they would in the US - okay, but i'll need this table at 3:30. That's impolite (rushing you eating) and in most cases with Mexican guests they are used to them sitting there for hours (so they can't imagine you wouldn't too). For them, one seating per table at lunch is what's expected.

        I've eaten at Rosetta twice, and overall I've been impressed. It's very light, more reminiscent of Northern Italian food. The carpaccio de pulpo is indeed very good, and I am completely in love with their pasta with chicken livers and sage. I crave it. I have a friend who raved about the short rib. Some of their pasta is homemade, which just thrills me to the bone since I haven't found a place doing that here yet. (Granted, I'm not out searching every day). We did have a crab spaghetti that was not too flavorful, but the last time I went it wasn't on the menu. If you are wanting Italian, I'd definitely make a trip to Rosetta. Luckily, I haven't run into attitude there and no one hyped it up to me, so I'm still well in the positive camp.

        I'll have to respectfully disagree on Stampa de Mar. It was good when it opened back in 2006 or so, but has gone way downhill and I've had truly poor quality seafood there twice (I worked nearby). Their restaurant manager moved to the Sheraton, then to the St. Regis Punta Mita as their food and beverage director, and in my mind things have really slipped. I haven't been in a year or so, so it may have gotten back on it's feet tho.

      2. Broka is horrible. For that, Delirio is better, by far. They don't even have a kitchen. Rosetta is good, but there is attitude, and a bit overrated. Stampa del Mar is great at the bar, I prefer it to Contramar any day. Try Xel Ha in the Condesa, La Bella Lula in San Angel. For tacos avoid Califa and Farolito, go to La Lechuza in San Angel, Turix in Polanco, and Los Arcos on Florencia across from the strip clubs. Have breakfast in El Cardenal in the centro or at Cafe de Tacuba. Unfortunately, I find that chilangos usually go for concept, not content or context.