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Jul 28, 2010 02:50 PM


Does anyone know where to get pure xylitol gum? (no asparatame) A post on a forum told me that you can get a jar of it called Xylitol from korean stores(T&T?)... anyone seen it at health food stores, or even the powder. It's good for oral health(esp if you eat too much acidic foods, aka balsamic vinegar)

TY!!! Chris

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  1. Because it's a sugar alcohol, watch out for the laxative properties if you have more than a few pieces a day.

    I think Icebreakers gum is mostly Xylitol. I wouldn't really recommend Icebreakers based on taste.

    1. I've seen it at Arirang Oriental Foods 1324 10 Ave SW.

      1. I saw that gum at the West Market Sunterra (SW). There are three flavours available (Spearmint, Peppermint and Fruit). the gum is located at the checkout and is $2.99 per package.

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          you can get the powder at Planet Organic

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            Yeah thats where I got it originally, but I intend to chew about three pieces a day so a big tub o gum is what I'm looking for, AH over in europe sells the gum pouches... I got the powder already, from london drugs, the texture is just like sugar crystals, but unforunately to my taste buds the sweetness does not register well (and is not recommended for extensive use in beverages, 10$ mistake oops) looks like I'm going online for this one, I always feel the need to find a product in my physical area though

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              if you are doing it for dental reasons, I have seen it as an ingredient in some Herbal/Organic toothpastes.