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Jul 28, 2010 02:15 PM

Smoked duck breast - which one? which vendor

I'm doing some research (aka nibbling on lots of different samples) to select a smoked duck breast for an upcoming catering event. I see options from Nicky USA, D'artagnan, Grimaud, etc.

First question: I keep seeing "Smoked Muscovy Duck Breast" as well as "Natural Smoked Duck Breast". What's the difference?

Secondly, what is a good source for these smoked breasts? Is D'artagnan the "gold standard" or just well-known?


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  1. I can't help with your "which is the best," but Muscovy is a breed of duck, as Angus is a breed of cattle. A Muscovy duck breast can be natural smoked, but a natural smoked duck breast may or may not be from a Muscovy duck.

    1. a few Sundays ago the Hudson Valley Duck Products had a booth at the Green Market at Columbia U. Their smoked duck breast was excellent. I had to chose base on how long the supply would last, therefor went home with the Duck prosciutto. If I weren't the only meat eater at home though, and if budget allowed I'd get the smoked duck breast too.

      1. I get my smoked duck breast from Hudson valley foie gras. I love it but can't say it's the best since it's the only one I've ever had.