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Victory 44

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I went to North Minneapolis last night to try Victory 44. I started with the beets and blue which was really outstanding. I then had the chicken and gritz. Good flavors. Yes it is in-expensive but the portions were small. Still hungry, I split a burger with a firend which was very good. They make there own ketchup which I loved. Heard good things at my table regarding the steak and gnochi as well. Fun place to try but I would plan on ordering more than one entree. I had a bite of the reuben which was very good as well.

Victory 44
2203 44th Ave N, Minneapolis, MN

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  1. There's a whole thread on the place:


    Victory 44
    2203 44th Ave N, Minneapolis, MN

    1. Now you'll have to try Travail Kitchen & Amusements. Some of the V44 staff left and started their own place.

      There are also a few threads on V44 here, check them out.

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        1. It was a beautiful day to eat on a patio, and I wanted to see how V-44 was doing after all the menu iterations and turnover. Quite well, it turns out, at least in terms of product.

          I had the glazed chicken wings and the country pork rib.

          The chicken wings were excellent. Rather than crisping the skin, these were almost rotisserie style, with a peanut coating for crunch.

          The glaze was powerfully flavored; a lot of zest without being cloyingly Asian. The skin absorbed it nicely. Ordinarily, you might expect the skin to be flaccid or greasy, but that was not the case. The chicken itself was really moist and flavorful. These are up there with the best in the cities.

          The country pork rib had some real highs. It should be noted that the portion is dinner entree size for $8. The meaty rib is accompanied by fingerling potatoes topped by a piquant corn gravy.

          I loved the corn and potatoes. Shishito peppers tied together the sweetness of the corn, the citrusy butter, and bacon bits. It was a great balance to the richness of the pork.

          If I were to nitpick, I'd want the rib cooked a bit longer to render the fat and get more sear, and maybe smaller fingerlings. The latter more or less reflects my preference for crispy fingerlings. Still, I found the dish remarkably balanced, and full of southern charm.

          For $13 , I was painfully stuffed, and this remains one of my absolute favorites in Minneapolis regardless of price.

          1. Brunch today, Perfect Burger, Devils on Horseback, Roasted Beets, Kip Tartare, 2 glasses house wine, Surly Smoke and Fulton Sweet Child of the Vine. What a great way to end the weekend. All were good. Will be back for more. Keep this place open, it is just as good or better than Travail.

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              Tell me about the Surly Smoke and the Fulton Sweet Child of the Vine.

              Somehow these have escapted my attention.

              What are they like?

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                Surly smoke and Fulton are beers. Smoke is an big Porter and the Fulton is a IPA

            2. V44 is at the top of their game. Wonderful food and the service was good. Tasting menu is a steal. Just saying.........

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                Absolutely true. I think it continues to be one of the really under appreciated gems in MSP. The bone marrow alone is worth the trip.

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                  Agreed. I just voted for Chef Erick Harcey for the James Beard Award over a lot of really, really deserving people. He's able to provide amazing food without the stuffiness you find at most restaurants with tasting menus. Speaking of the anti-stuffiness, I love the 40s too!

                  Victory 44
                  2203 44th Ave N, Minneapolis, MN