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Coral Gables/Miami deli recs

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I'm looking for a classic Jewish deli and good bagels in Coral Gables. We're staying in Coral Gables and will travel for food. Your thoughts would be most appreciated.

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  1. I would suggest foregoing that wish. However, for someone who knows next to nothing about deli's etc, I'd recommend Roasters & Toasters in Kendall. There's a few other bagel places around, but none have left a particular positive impression on me. If someone disagrees, I'd appreciate the recs as well.

    Roasters & Toasters
    , Hollywood, FL 33019

    1. Serviceable but not great:
      Coral Bagels
      Bagel Emporium

      Both on US1.

      Coral Bagels
      2750 SW 26th Ave, Miami, FL

      Bagel Emporium
      1238 S Dixie Hwy, Coral Gables, FL 33146

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      1. re: Frodnesor

        Roasters n Toasters in Kendall is indeed the right call....10 minutes south of Coral Gables on US1.....two blocks south on kendall drive.....on east side of the highway in a strip mall.......Very, Very reliable......in fact I'm picking up breakfast there for our office in the morning.......

        Ft. Pierce, FL

        1. re: LargeLife

          Thanks for the rec. R & T is very, very good. The pastrami and the pickles are the real deal. Thank you!

          Roasters N' Toasters
          9465 S Dixie Hwy, Miami, FL 33156

          1. re: marelyisdead

            With coffee, you can get a great $11 breakfast there. Compared to Coral Bagels which I love for its seriously distressed vibe, R & T is way overpriced, though of higher quality. In the morning after all the abuse of the previous evening, I prefer the former.

            Coral Bagels
            2750 SW 26th Ave, Miami, FL