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Jul 28, 2010 12:21 PM

Surprised nobody has weighed in on the news about Katz's

Katz declared bankruptcy (chapter 11) and is talking about having to move because he can no longer afford the rent. Nobody has any thoughts on it?

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  1. it was discussed a bit on the latest RIP post. no one seems real sad to see it go

    1. As much as I am sad that Katz was a NYC institution and a place of great memories and food and now could move or shutter, I believe it's time has come.
      After my last 2 visits It was very clear that it was just leaning on past glories and become a pale shadow of it's self.

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      1. re: Duppie

        Duppie, there is a Katz's in NYC but it is no way related to the one here in Austin. In fact they could not be any different. The one in New York is doing very well and has excellent food, whereas the one here is not worth discussing.

      2. As a "nice Jewish boy" i could honestly say that one visit to Katz's over 10 years ago was one too many. I would be surprised if most on this board had but a casual acquaintance [probably generous] with Katz's at best.

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        1. re: mkfoodie

          I haven't been to Katz's for about... oh.. 4 years. I went there about 3-4 times and thought it was not very good at all. The food was subpar every time I went there and overpriced for the quality.

          1. re: mkfoodie

            I'd be lying if I didn't admit to liking the overstuffed sandwiches from time to time, but it never really came up on my radar often enough. Unfortunately, my strongest memory of the place was taking my Jewish girlfriend there many many years ago during Passover, and finding nothing suitable for her to eat. Her matzo ball soup had noodles in it. Jesus (my best attempt at a gentile oy vey).

            1. re: gilintx

              I don't mind the food so much, but the service has always been terrible. While I haven't touched the Austin Katz's in like 10 years or so, I admit to eating at the Houston Katz's about once a year because my Houston-based family seems to like it and I usually go for one of the sandwiches. Even though the Westheimer location is run by Barry, the service there is just as bad, too.

          2. Went there a few weeks ago one night when 24 was closed for cleaning. Should've gone to 7 Eleven.

            Also noticed a location on Lavaca (1300 block maybe) the other day bearing the Katz's logo and declaring "open for lunch."

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            1. re: bubbleboy79

              I believe they're setting up and serving lunch in Charlie's.

            2. having enjoyed Royal Deli and other great Jewish delis in the DC metro area for several years with proper meat sandwiches, bagels, and matzoh ball soup, my first and only visit to Katz upon moving here 5 years ago was met with great anticipation and angry disappointment. I hate to say it but there is little if anything worth saving of that place. A solid deli entrepeneur should come in and easily crush this vacuum du cuisine. Who doesn't like chicken fat dumplings swimming in lovely broth with chicken and veggies?