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Jul 28, 2010 11:55 AM

Sprouts in Pasadena Aug. 4

Got a flyer in yesterday's Star-News proclaiming that Affordable Freshness is finally coming to our benighted burg. I like Sprouts, as I've mentioned, but they're hardly going to be filling an aching need. Whole Foods has not been oppressively pricey lately, Ralphs' produce continues to be cheap and good, and TJ and Fresh & Easy can beat everyone up on such necessities as wine and bread. Then there's that back-in-the-corner location, the old Circuit City spot backing up to the World Market at Colorado and Rosemead, that can be a pig to get in and out of if there's any traffic at all. Mrs. O remembers that CC store as having no windows, too - I think she might be wrong about that but I'll go look soon enough. Anyway, if all my favorite grocery stores are about to embark on a major food fight, it should be fun for a while...

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  1. my advice:
    if you are a fan of julia's organic ice cream, it is likely that the sprouts will have an 'opening special' on this stuff.
    they will run out.
    they will issue rain checks.

    last night, i filled my last rain check for 9 packages of the julia's organic ice cream sandwiches--$2.99 at sprouts opening special price, normally $5.99 at ralphs

    1. The CHPEAST groceries (I'm talking fresh produce, meat and seafood) will be found at your local Ranch 99. What I spend on a weeks worth of food is probably < 1/2 of what I'd spend on a weeks worth of food on say, Ralphs. I go to Ralphs to buy my unhealthy junk food which is always on sale there for whatever reason. =)

      But I always go to Sprouts for my organic, locally grown, blah blah blah groceries.

      1. Hey Will - I think T is correct, no windows.

        1. Then your choice of Ralphs must be one of their Fresh Fare operations, but if not, you are very fortunate, as we have one of each here in Sherman Oaks, and the qualitative differences are huge. Won't buy produce at the non-Fresh Fare store, and it is not even particularly cheap either.

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          1. re: carter

            My primary Ralphs is the big one on North Lake in Pasadena; they have produce that the more obviously upscale one on West Colorado doesn't, including Belgian endive that's better and cheaper than TJ's 3-packs. I buy little but bulk stuff there, and like their bananas and oranges better than anyone else's. YMMV...

            1. re: Will Owen

              The Lake store does have good bananas and oranges, Their avocados for some reason are frequently over ripe.

              1. re: mc michael

                Yes, they are, but that means I can always find one ready to use.

                I think all three of the Pasadena stores are Fresh Fare - all have a large section of organic offerings, and plenty of "conventional" stuff that's quite good. This is of course not counting the little one up Lake in Altadena.

          2. i used to go to sprouts in phoenix where my mom used to live and love it! they always have great deals on produce. one time i believe they had organic oranges for like.$.19 a /lb or something like that. excited for sprouts. thanks for sharing news will owen!