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Jul 28, 2010 11:40 AM

Saturday breakfast/brunch near Roy Thomson Hall?

I'm dining with a group on Saturday and have been asked to find a spot that is close to Roy Thomson Hall. Just looking for a reasonable spot for brunch or breakfast.

Don't want to go to Cora's--horrible service and mediocre food. One of the party is a vegetarian. Have tried to look on the boards for something nice but not sure if Jules is open for breakfast by 10.30 a.m. on Saturday morning as I cannot find a website. Losing faith. Why does it seem like all the great breakie spots are in Corktown or Roncey?

Suggestions are most welcome.

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  1. How big a group? Jules opens at 11:30, Le Select 11. And Dhaba does an Indian buffet with omelette stations and a huge salad bar from 11. $12.95 ayce iirc.

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      Oh Herb, you are wonderful. Dhaba sounds great; I didn't know that they had a weekend buffet. It will be a group of 5.

    2. I would vote for Jules or Le Select. Dhaba (having been subected to MANY business lunches there) is not, in my opionion, good, but then I am very picky about quality in Indian food. Have not tried their omelettes. A strange concept in an Indian restaurant.

      1. I know it doesn't always get a lot of love here. Canteen in the Lightbox might fit the bill and it's always been good for me, weekend brunch starts at 10:00AM