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Jul 28, 2010 11:25 AM

mini desserts

Hi everyone~
It seems as if mini desserts are the new craze. Which restaurants in our area serves them? Which ones are the best?


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  1. Gordon Biersch at the Annapolis Towne Centre has a nice variety of mini deserts including a cheesecake, a chocolate, fruit tart, etc. They were $2 and one is just right for something sweet to finish your dinner. Or you can order several. Their regular deserts are HUGH. I believe they may also have beer samplers, but not certain.

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      What a great idea! I almost never order dessert in a restaurant unless I'm with a couple of other people. Either they're big enough for two or three or four (and expensive) or really small (and expensive anyway). I've often wanted one scoop of lemon sherbet after a meal, not three. That's why I usually keep a pint in the freezer at home. I can wait.

    2. There's a new place in Takoma Park that serves tiny cheesecakes -- called Capital City Cheesecake, where Savory used to be on Carroll Avenue. I'm not a big fan of the usual massive wedges of cheesecake that you get in most places, but these are infinitesimal little things, just the size of a medium-sized cookie, maybe, or a small alfajor. I had the Key Lime and it was refreshing and just the right size. I can't vouch for their coffee, though.

      1. CoCo Sala has great desserts including mini variations of desserts. If you do the dessert tasting menu you will get mini variations of whoppie pies, cheesecake, milkshakes, smores, ice cream sundaes, cupcakes etc---it just depends on what you order.

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          My birthday is next week and I was thinking about doing the dessert tasting menu at coco sala. Have you had it? Did you have the 3-course or 5-course one?

          Also, do you know what the vibe of that place is? I heard that it gets a kind of night-club-y feel on the weekends. My birthday is Friday night so we'd probably be going late in the evening.

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            CoCo Sala offers about 7 themed dessert tastings - not a new concept, basically five mini-desserts on a plate. They also offer a chocolate flight, maybe 10 or so small pieces of chocolate. I tried one of the tastings. I liked the flight much better. The tasting is fancier, but the solid chocolates are richer. It's all on the website, including an extensive photo gallery:


            The interior of Coco Sala is not like a regular restaurant, more like a lounge, with sofa and ottoman seating and a lot of clever built-in shelves for folks to eat and drink standing up. They play music (there's a DJ nook), and the place can get very loud. There are a few tables on the sidewalk, a very nice refuge if you don't go early or want to avoid the noise.

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              CoCo Sala has phenomenal food, but they play uber loud music at night - I had a very hard time hearing the people at my table. So, if you intend to have any sort of conversation with your friends, plan to yell and or wear a hearing aid.

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                I believe I did the 5-course and it was MORE than enough. We actually probably should have gone with the 3-course since we also had cocktails and 2 of the savory items. That said---it was awesome.

                The place certainly gets loud and more "vibrant" on the weekends. Friday night there will be music playing and a crowd at the bar. There are also tables outside though, where it's obviously more quiet.

                I would suggest making reservations a head of time. Call and request a table outside if noise is an issue.

            2. Not sure if you have an Elephant Bar in your area but they do mini desserts. A table next me yesterday got a selection of them and they looked quite good.