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Jul 28, 2010 11:13 AM

Vancouver reservations

Will be visiting Vancouver in mid September. I was wondering how far in advance one needs to make reservations for dinners. Also, for an Izakaya crawl is that a walk in experience or should one or can one make reservations for the more popular ones mentioned on CH board? It would be just the 2 of us and some of the places we are considering are Bishops, BWC, C, Market, Dim Sum someplace, Maenum, and a Richmond trip for Shanghai rec's welcome on this. Vij I know has no res policy. Would any of these places need res far in advance? Really looking forward to chowing our way through Vancouver!

Vij's Restaurant
1480 11th Ave W, Vancouver, BC V6H1L1, CA

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  1. If you are going on a Friday, Saturday night then you might have to wait a bit at the izakaya's, but you will definitely get a seat eventually (although it may be at the bar) With just two of you, I think you'd be OK just walking in unless you are on a tight schedule.
    I would say none of the places require a reso far in advance, but you'll find many of the restaurants you mentioned on OpenTable if you do want to make a reso.

    I think the toughest place to get a table would be Shanghai in Richmond depending on which restaurant! But even then, with 2 people it shouldn't be that bad - the turnover is pretty quick!

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      I notice you were in Napa this spring, sc -- no French Laundry reso fandangos here :-). I am a big fan of reservations however and hate to wait so I'd say go ahead and take advantage of the fact that you can reserve everywhere you want to go (except Vij's as you noted). Bishop's and Maenam are quite small so it might be worth calling a week or two in advance just to be sure. Depending where you plan to go, I'd strongly recommend a reso for your dim sum adventure, as I find it's often more difficult to be seated as a twosome in these restos which tend to be geared to larger groups. There are a couple of very recent threads that cover the Shanghai options here very well: