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Jul 28, 2010 10:55 AM

Perfect Sunday in Raleigh or around there?

My sister, mom and I are going to be in Cary for a wedding this weekend, and have all day Sunday to spend together before we fly back to California early in the evening. What is your perfect food/activity day for a group like us? I'd like to taste some really good local, farm to table-type food, and walk around a nice area (local quirky shopping? Gardens? not really sure). Any suggestions would be very welcome!!

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  1. Sundays are sort of rough around here ... lots of places closed. That said, my first instinct is to send you to Durham and Rue Cler. They have fantastic beignets and a nice brunch. Not much else to do (that I know of - maybe someone else can help you out) in the neighborhood though. Easy to have a perfect Saturday in Carrboro, but Sundays ... not so easy. I would love to hear some good, helpful answers if someone knows of stuff to help.

    Rue Cler Restaurant
    401 E Chapel Hill St, Durham, NC 27701

    1. For farm-to-fork fare I'd go to Watts Grocery in Durham for brunch as soon as they open. Walk it off at Sarah B. Duke Garden, then wander around Brightleaf Square and Morgan Imports until you are hungry again. Options in that area include The Federal for great burgers and more or Parker and Otis for yummy sandwiches, salads and they carry Loco Pops! They also have some nice regional and specialty products in the store area.

      Watts Grocery
      1116 Broad Street, Durham, NC 27705

      1. I agree with meatn3 - that would be a fun way to spend Sunday, though be prepared for it to be hella hot - going to the gardens earlier rather than later is a good idea, even though there will be plenty of shade there (and don't forget the sunscreen!).

        Here's the link for the gardens -

        The Nasher museum is right close by too, and has a nice cafe with a pretty view if you are thinking about a light meal. They are open from noon to 5 pm on Sunday.

        Nasher Cafe
        2001 Campus Dr., Durham, NC 27705

        1. If you want to spend the day in Raleigh I'd suggest Poole's Diner for brunch for farm-to-table fare. I'm not sure if there is much open downtown on Sun. to warrant wandering in the heat. The Natural Science Museum and the N.C. History Museums are both very nice, located by the Capital, free and have some sidewalk street food available nearby for snacks. My niece was very enamored with a blue iced treat recently.

          Leaving downtown and heading west you could also visit the Fine Arts Museum which just opened in a new building with a nice restaurant, Iris, on the premises. Iris offers seasonal fare from local ingredients too. Or walk at the Arboretum - not as pretty as Duke gardens, but if you are into plants you'll like it. Neomonde is just down the road from the Arboretum - a casual, very delicious middle eastern deli/grocery. Order at the counter and eat indoors or outdoors. Check out the pomegranate bushes growing out front by the road!

          Let us know what you end up doing!

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            When we first moved to that area we set aside a day and went to the downtown museums and enjoyed the experience so much.
            Neomonde is one of my favorite restaurants in the whole world. I miss it.
            We enjoyed the farmer's market and the flea market on nice days. There was a seafood restaurant at the farmer's market that became a regular go-to place for us, then the snacks at the flea market (at the fairgrounds) were always good. I remember roasted corn-on-the-cob and funnel cakes there.

            1. re: Sensuous

              Neomonde and the Arboretum is one of our favorite cheap dates. The seafood place at the farmers market is still going strong! I visit them every few months for the fried oysters. I still haven't made it to any of the area flea markets - waiting for cooler weather!

          2. Hope the wedding was wonderful!

            Let us know what you did, what you enjoyed...helps use fine tune future suggestions for visitors.