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Jul 28, 2010 10:37 AM

Strip Joint for 50th B-day Dinner for 2

Gee, I bet this is a new one for the Chowhound boards...!!


OK, this is actually a joint birthday dinner for me and my husband (I turn 46 two weeks before he turns 50)-- mid-August (HOT!). We will be staying at the Mirage, so we're center Strip and ready to take a cab as necessary, but we'd like to stay on the Strip (lazy, what can I say?).

Our requirements:

-- Romantic ambience (flattering lighting is helpful at our ages)
-- Food quality ranging between superior and heavenly
-- Sommelier that will arrange wine pairings (see "lazy" above, combine with "wine-lushes")
-- Price not necessarily an object, but we're trying to avoid Joël Robuchon excess
-- NO JACKETS REQUIRED (no, we don't mean "only play Phil Collins CDs" [eeewwww!]; dress code cannot exceed "business casual", please)

Flood me with suggestions, oh you generous and wonderful Chowhounds, you! Help me show my wonderful husband how much I love him with some awe-inspiring Vegas grub.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. you might want to rephrase that title. i thought you wanted a strip joint -- like peppermint rhino -- that served food.

    1. I believe you can get a 3 course dinner at some strip joints in LV. LOL

      1. I'm another person who thought you were looking for a strip club!

        First of all, I think you can probably get away with no jackets at any place you go to - even the places that say they have dress codes probably wouldn't say anything, especially if you are dressed fairly nicely.

        I've never been to either of these places but based on universally glowing reviews, what about Alex or L'Atelier - Joel Robuchon food at a lower price point? Were you thinking tasting menu, or not necessarily?

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        1. re: baderin

          Alex has a "Jackets Suggested" note on their website-- I just don't think we're planning to bring anything particularly swank on this trip. The place looks lovely, but a bit high-faluttin' for us hoi-polloi...!

          L'Atelier Joël Robuchon MIGHT be a possibility. I'll go look at the website now....

          1. re: rjw_lgb_ca

            I have seen people in there with tank tops on and shorts. Casual clothes should be no problem.

        2. Add me to those who thought this post was a request for a strip club with food!

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