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Jul 28, 2010 09:30 AM

Underwhelmed by Alma Nove in HIngham Shipyard

A group of us went here for dinner over the weekend with high hopes and all of us left dissapointed. To start, we had 7:45pm reservatsions; at 8:30 we were seated at our table. While service was fair, it could have been better as our drinks took a very long time, the bread basket arived with our food and no one at our table got a refill on water after the first pour. The food was unimpressive for the price. The appetizers were good but drowned in too much dressing or sauce that it started to detract from the main ingredient. The main dishes were the real dissapointment though. The rib dish tasted like beef stroganoff and the swordfish special was underseasoned. To add insult to injury the side potatoes which you had to order separately were merely oven roasted potato pieces with no seasoning other than so much salt they were inedible. I had the only edible dish (gnocci) but the serving size, like all of our main dishes, was very small for the price. I had ordered the full portion so I would hate to see what the half portion looked like. The decor of the restaurant is tastefully done and reflects an elegant atmosphere and the patio with the firepit seems like a great place to have a meal and/or drinks. However, I will not be going back as there are much better places to eat in the surrounding Hingham, Cohasset and Hull areas.

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  1. Thanks so much for taking one for the team and reporting back. We were thinking of going there soon but as you say, there are so many good choices around (what a difference from 20 years ago!!) there doesn't seem to be much point.

    1. sadly, i've heard the same thing from two other dinning groups that went. Though they are relatively new. So it may take some time to iron out the service issues. However, everyone seems to think that they are overpriced for what they are offering. There is no cure for this other than good managment, so we'll see.

      Give it a few more moths and eat at Tosca in the meantime.

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        Well seeing that I've been in the contrarian role lately I'll take issue with the Tosca rec. I've found that Tosca has been mediocre for at least a year. Far from it's heyday and getting further away from very good. I have not seen chef Long there in at least six months. I will say the service has been good but the food has strayed. The wine list, as always, over priced. A few friends in the area have reluctantly switched to either Square Cafe or Cafe Tosca.

        I'm not surprised by the Alma experienc. Sounds like the food and service I've experienced at Walberg's former gig Bridgeman's in Hull.

        1. re: T.Clark

          I think Tosca has been mediocre for over a year. We use to go on a regular basis, back when there was the menu and then a half dozen specials, sometimes even more. Then the specials started dwindling, the flavors, declined. We finally gave up, the price point wasn't worth the quality of the food.