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Favorite Dishes at Amada

The time has come for my first visit to Amada. I have a reservation on Friday night at 8:45.

Since I am only going with 1 other person the roast suckling pig is out.

Would appreciate knowing everyone's "must have" dishes. Also, how many tapas do most of you order on average?

Thanks in advance~

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  1. The first time I went there were three of us in our party and we sat at the chef's counter and had the chef's sampling menu accompanied by wine... honestly for the first time going, that was the best way to go, they just keep bringing out dish after dish of lovely, savory, delicous dishes... and they're generous with the wine too, you'll get a very well rounded experience
    (lamb albondigas were... well the most memorable of all the dishes)

    1. I really liked the scallops.
      not a lot of bang-for-the-buck, but they were delicious.
      the salad we ordered - forget the details, but it had serrano ham - was a lot of bang for your buck, and quite good.

      1. that's easy: garlic schrimp, short ribs on foccia type bread

        1. I love the octopus, though I've heard people complain it's salty. I like it that way. I also agree that the tasting menu is a great way to sample a large number of things on the menu. They size the portions for the number of diners, so you end up with more things than if you order a la carte. Otherwise, 2-3 items per diner is generally a good rule of thumb. The servers are pretty good at guiding you to an appropriate amount of food. Have fun!

          1. Try the grilled spring onions, called scallions also If you do not like them, l will buy them. Eat them everytime. Had them first as they come with the whole pig, order now routinely.
            If they have the padron peppers do them, but if they are replacing with the japanese shishito, as they did the last time there, skip them. good but not close to padron.

            1. I agree with the other posters that the chef tasting menu is a good deal. Recently had the mid-price($55) menu and everything was excellent. Also agree with the shortrib flatbread.

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                The jamon is very good as is some kind of stew-like thing with white beans.

              2. Agree with the tasting menu. It's a bit better with a larger group (more tastes) but still good for a twosome. I've only ever done the $45 one (you can also get $55 and $65) and it's awesome and filling every time. You can ask them to add/remove specific dishes.

                1. Thank you fellow foodies! I'm very excited to try all your suggestions~

                  1. In addition to some already mentioned, my favorites are the clams and chorizo, the ensalada de jamon, and my ultimate favorite is the pernil asado. If you can't get the pig, the pernil asado with give you a taste of what you are missing.

                    1. *IF you do the tasting and can afford the extra $$ I'd suggest to add the wine pairing. they do a very nice job at matching the dishes with some really really good vinos'

                      1. Also, if you do the tasting menu, they WILL let you request certain dishes...We were there in the spring, and had to try the short rib flatbreads, so they made sure to include that in our tasting. Enjoy!!