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Jul 28, 2010 09:00 AM

American snack foods you can't get in Canada?

Hi, I'm looking to send a care package to someone in Canada. What snackfoods can you get in the USA that maybe you can't get in Canada? THANKS!

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  1. bugles! count chocula cereal! heath bars! combos! (the fun flavoured kind, at least).

    can you tell i love fun american snacks?

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    1. re: mkj

      I have had Bugles in Canada, and Skor Bars are very similar to Heath Bars.

      I don't think there are Milky Way chocolate bars in Canada, or they are different. Mars bars are different in the two countries, I think.

      I've never seen Lays lime potato chips in Canada.

        1. re: mkj

          Thats strange. I bought bugles 2 months ago. Had I known that was my last chance, I would have stocked up!

          1. re: tastesgoodwhatisit

            Lays lime chips for sure (I think the flavour is technically called "Limon" - I've looked everywhere for those.

            Most of the items mentioned here can be found in Canada, either under different names or they taste slightly different (as is the case with the chocolate, at least).

            Can you still get Uh Oh Oreos? (Oreos but reversed - vanilla cookies, chocolate in the centre). There used to be a time when those weren't available in Canada...I'm not 100% sure but I don't think we have Orbit gum here either.

            1. re: mkj

              You can get bugles and count chocula. In Alberta/Saskatchewan anyways

            2. Three biggest things I miss from the US are Andy Capp's Hot Fries, Cookie Crisp (which was recently banned here), and Arizona Southern Style Sweet Tea.

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              1. re: untitled

                What is Cookie Crisp, and why on earth would it be banned?? Is it THAT bad for you??

                1. re: heidip732

                  It's chocolate chip cookie breakfast cereal.

                  1. re: heidip732

                    Then it should be sold in the sweets aisle in Canada!

                2. Easy Cheese (aerosol cheese in a can) isn't sold in Canada AFAIK. Not sure whether you can send that in the mail, though!

                  Tasty Kakes.

                  Fritos in flavours other than Plain and BBQ.

                  Fruit Stripe gum.

                  Big Hunk.

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                  1. re: phoenikia

                    i have two packs of fruit stripe gum that i bought at the forks in Winnipeg this summer

                  2. butterfingers! as in the chocolate bar.

                    you can ask for coffee crisps in return.

                    interestingly both are nestle products. for a while coffee crisp had limited usa availability.

                    and if they ever make a dark chocolate butterfinger, i'll be cross bordering them all the time. something about that hint of saltiness in a chocolate bar... mmm...

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                    1. re: ta0126

                      We can also get Butterfinger bars here too...